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Is CodeIgniter, the future of Web Development?

codeigniterGenerally, a framework is a set of reusable libraries and/or, classes. Web developers find frameworks as the big time-savers, especially if they are going with PHP. PHP frameworks have always been a great blessing for developers who go for dynamic web application development. Why? You may ask, surely one can find myriad of options out there. Read More »

Top 4 E-commerce WordPress Themes for 2017

e-commerce wordpress themesE-commerce websites are one of the largest income generators of modern history. Online stores are buzzing more than a traditional brick and mortar shop. Advantages that a retailer can get from an e-commerce website are second to none unless the approach is neither streamlined nor definitive. What does that mean? Surely it is a big decision if one is going to set up an online store, so what is the issue?. Read More »

Exploring the Best SEO Checklist for 2017

best seo checklist What does it mean to have a website? What are the roles and responsibilities involved? And what should you do, if you want your website to spit out money? Read More »

2017’s Best Bootstrap Templates for Responsive Web Development

responsive web developmentThe digital landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, once considered the most expensive subject; the word responsive today has made its way to every corner of the online business. Responsive websites have become a need and not an option. With the slogan ‘Mobile first approach’ making rounds, the conventional desktop-first approach is slowly finding its way to exit. Read More »

5 Most Excellent Front-End Web Development Tools

front end web developmentBefore learning about these so-called tools, let us know something about the front-end development. Also known as client-side development, the front-end development deals with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Designers, who thrive to make websites more interactive and user-friendly, go with these programming languages. Read More »

Flat Web Design – Exploring the Design Principles & Benefits

flat web designA new web design trend, a dynamic design principle is here to challenge the heavy animations and graphics. Flat design is here filling every purpose of usability with simplicity and clarity. But why website designers are finding it so reassuring we will see in further sections. Read More »

Introduction to CSS: A Style Sheet Language for Designing Websites

style sheet for website designingWebsites have become a primary source for online business today. And these websites are developed under two powerful languages, which are HTML and CSS. Read More »

What is a Grid System? How does it simplify the Web Development process?

grid system web developmentA series of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines constitute a grid system. Usually these grid systems consist of either 12 or 16 invisible columns that are equally-sized to have a consistent appearance. A pre-defined structure to arrange the web elements, well how cool it sounds, but on the whole it makes web development job an easier one for you. Read More »

What is a Conversion Rate in E-commerce Business?

e-commerce conversion rateConversion rate is basically all about the percentage of visitors who turn into paying customers. If you are an online retailer, well, this will be one of the most desirable experiences that you can have. It’s a new generation where people prefer a website rather than a typical brick-and-mortar store for shopping. Read More »

Importance of Image Breakpoints in Responsive Website Designing

responsive website designingResponsive web designing has become one of the path-breaking concepts in the web development industry. The gracious transition from a simple static web design to responsive website has opened windows of opportunities. Read More »