Add these Extensions and Enhance your Magento Store

Extensions and Enhance for Magento-Store

Magento, an open-source, PHP based software is recognized as the best e-commerce platform. And over 2,00,000 retailers worldwide are using Magento as their e-commerce platform. Nowadays, online stores representing businesses should be comprehensive with out-of-box features. And Magento, which by default is developed for an e-commerce platform, provide features that can make an e-commerce website rich, interactive, and highly functional for customers who are using it.

Magento Usage Across Website Verticals

Source: BuiltWith

The above graph shows the popularity of Magento across various business verticals.

Even though Magento is made for e-commerce businesses, there are times when online retailers fail to take full advantage of the platform. Such times, they can always use plugins and extensions and extend the potential of the platform they are using.

In this blog post, we will be learning about few extensions, which would make your Magento store more wonderful for your customers and advantageous for your business.

  1. Checkout Suite

Conversion rate depends on user-experience, from experiencing the initial website design to final check-out process, the customer should feel at ease using the website. Sometimes customers drop from the checkout funnel when they find the process too lengthy.

The best way to reduce checkout sale drop/cart abandonment is to simplify the number of steps involved.

Checkout Suite, a page checkout extension helps to do so.

Adding this module to your Magento website, you will be supporting complete responsive checkout process. Customers are able to use shipping and billing address as a default option, while a new customer has that option to checkout as a guest.

The module comes with a clean code and currently tested to support Barclays Smartpay, Brain, Ebizmarts Sage Pay Suite Pro (v, and PayPal Express Checkout. From auto detecting the customer account to capturing the payment information, this module is designed to simplify the time-consuming monotonous check-out process.

Also, the best thing about adding a Checkout Suite module is that a registered customer need not log in to complete the checkout process.

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  1. MageMonkey

Developed by eBizmarts, MageMonekey module allows integration with MailChimp. Yes, you can add customers/new subscribers to the specified MailChimp list.

MailChimp is an email marketing tool that allows businesses to send bulk emails at a time. Not only that, you can easily target the subscribers, set up autoresponders, and manage email list efficiently.

So, if you have an e-commerce website then it is time you connect your business with MailChimp. By doing that you can easily reach the right audience, market your products, and grow your business with good sale numbers.

MageMonkey is easy to set up.

And like I said before, it connects your online store with the MailChimp.

  1. AddShoppers

If you want to actually know about AddShoppers then it is a marketing platform that offers 12 integrations on one platform and that includes social login, easy-to-create referral marketing programs and retargeting campaigns optimized with user behavior data, and accurate revenue attribution.

So, how does AddShoppers module help your e-commerce business?

We will come to that in a little while, but before that do you know two things that you have to exclusively check in an e-commerce business?

  • Cart Abandonment
  • Reaching new customers

Customers abandon shopping cart for various reasons, but you should be knowing how to retarget/reach them back. And reaching new customers, the right customers requires you to be proactive in your marketing approach.

AddShoppers helps you to do both.

Not only you will be identifying top influencers, but down the line, you will witness an increase in the revenue.

  1. WordPress Integration

Do you know what customers do before they buy a product online? They research.

They read content, learn about the product and then proceed to buy.

Now, let’s focus on WordPress Integration module. So, how does it exactly do?

It integrates your e-commerce Magento store with a WordPress blog.

And what benefits you get?

  • You will increase the value of your product by simultaneously offering valuable content.
  • Through commenting on blog posts your customers can communicate with you.
  • Search engines love WordPress and by integrating with this platform, you will improve the SEO rank of your Magento website.
  1. Yotpo Reviews

What should you do if you want to

  • Generate quality traffic to your Magento website?
  • Improve conversion rate?
  • Increase sales & revenue?

You should add Yotpo Reviews extension module to your website.

By adding you can generate customer reviews, photos, and Q&A, and utilize them to drive website traffic and improve sales.

Customer reviews are very powerful, they not only establish trust in your brand but also increase conversion rate.

The module comes with an in-mail form that allows customers to leave reviews with-in the review request email.

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