Shopify Or Wix, Which Is the Best Ecommerce Platform


You are already excused if you thought no other platform could beat Shopify in the niche of eCommerce. But that’s only because Shopify here is the most popular platform for building an eCommerce storefront.

But is popularity the only area that makes a service excellent, or makes an eCommerce platform the best? In this blog post, let us briefly go through how Shopify and Wix offer services and which one is suitable for you.

Ecommerce Website Development

While Shopify website development is not the hardest, it sure requires some skills and effort here and there to get everything right. With Shopify, you can set up a store yourself with only a few clicks and use the easy-to-understand tutorials to add items to your store. For a beginner, however, Shopify can be a little challenging.

However, when it comes to Wix website development, you are a developer without many skills, i.e., you can create your store, add items, or other eCommerce functionalities without owning any coding skills. Website development is one of the areas where there is no way Shopify can beat Wix to be the winner.

Product Presentation

Shopify has only 3 variants for sizing, colours, or material but presenting of items can still be great with titles, descriptions, and comprehensive image galleries that offer a zoom effect to the users. But many customisations are missing, including carousel videos or product customisations.

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However, when it comes to Wix, you get 6 different variants and 100 options. Wix also supports titles, descriptions, and zoom effects, but unlike Shopify, it doesn’t fail in product customisations and carousel videos.

But Shopify does make up for this lack of features by offering an innovative feature called Augmented Reality, which helps potential buyers to check out the product in detail before buying using a smartphone.

Page Speed

Page speed is an essential aspect of eCommerce platforms because nobody wants to buy from sites that take long to load pictures, confirm payments, etc.

Shopify eCommerce sites are known for their speedy performances, where the load speed is fast on both mobile devices and PCs. Some Shopify websites are as fast as a second when it loads a page.

When it comes to Wix’s loading time, it is not as fast, especially not by default. And there are a few ways that a Wix eCommerce website owner can make their sites fast loading. It all comes down to following certain guidelines and optimising homepages or other website elements.


Let’s not force one size to fit all, and if your competitor has their sites built on a particular platform, it doesn’t necessarily have to be your choice. If you have a small business and require a small digital storefront, you can go with Wix without hesitation because you will not need to optimise many elements to increase loading speed. But before you choose, don’t forget to compare prices and many other features required by an eCommerce store.

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