Case study

Music Industry

Client: The client offers online Indian classical singing courses around the world. The music academy, founded by a noted Indian playback singer offers online lessons in Hindustani Music, Carnatic Music and other forms of Indian music.

Challenges The client faced the following challenges:

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  • Increase enrolment rates.
  • Attract targeted traffic
  • Reduce exit rate
  • Create academy awareness among online users
  • Increase social media popularity

The solution: Our team at Adroitte started by analyzing the complete website for search engine and visitor friendliness. Leading competitor websites also were analyzed to understand visitor search trends.

Based on the analysis, Adroitte worked out a unique search engine optimization and placement strategy to achieve top ranking for targeted keywords. Popular keywords were identified based on the music courses the client offers. Primary and secondary keywords were chosen for each individual course page that could bring targeted traffic to the website. Layouts and navigation were reworked based on visitor reports. Once the on-page factors were optimized, off-page optimization was carried out by creating awareness through various blog & forum interactions and submissions in popular search engines and directories. Apart from organic search traffic, paid campaigns were run on Facebook and Google Adwords.

Results: Adroitte's on-page and off-page activities helped increase brand awareness among online users. Traffic through various social media sites and third party websites started increasing. This resulted in significant increase in enrolment rates, site traffic, and social media popularity and reduced exit rates. Currently Adroitte assists the client by managing profiles on various social media sites and promote the site through paid and organic search optimization.



Health & Wellness Industry

Client -The client is a major supplier of wellness products in Europe.

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Goal - When the client consulted Adroitte, the top goals that the client wanted to achieve by way of an internet marketing program were:

  • Establish Brand Awareness
  • Increase traffic to the website
  • Find low cost marketing methods for less-value products
  • Increase loyalty and trust
  • Establish a channel for customer interactions

Solutions - People expect to interact with brands in a variety of ways, both online and offline. We helped the client connect and engage with consumers online through social spaces such as Facebook and Twitter. We integrated an online shopping facility with the Facebook profile offering consumers and community users more ways to connect with the company. Now, customers can buy the latest products; get special offers and news on community events faster.

To improve user engagement, we launched an interesting competition for the client for the Holiday season. The competition allowed users to take an entertaining video and then upload it to the contest entry page. Public were allowed to vote for the video they think was the best and their votes helped decide the winner. This way the competition encouraged greater user involvement.

Apart from social media campaigns, we have performed search engine optimization activities on the client’s website. With better keyword selection and landing page optimization we improved the site’s visibility on search engines.

Result - The shop set up on Facebook is now proving to be an additional channel of traffic to the site. 30% of all orders for the client now come from the Facebook profile. The Search Engine Optimization program has helped the client’s website rank for relevant and competitive industry keywords.

Currently, Adroitte is helping the client improve website traffic and user engagement through Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Profile Management.


Automobile Industry

Client - The client is the largest mobile vehicle refurbishment company in the UK, repairing more than 60,000 alloy wheels to their original condition each year.

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Challenges - The main purpose of the project was to increase visibility, usability and generate natural search traffic to the existing site. Our goal was to restructure the existing site using competitive search engine optimization practices and generate marked increases in natural visibility without sacrificing quality in creative presentation.

The website had been developed by another vendor. Adroitte ran a baseline SERP (Search Engine Rank Position) Report that showed that the website did not rank in the top 5 pages in Google for a huge chunk of the most popular search terms in the alloy wheel repair and refurbishment industry. A detailed analysis of keywords driving traffic to the client’s site at that point showed that only 24% of the traffic came from non branded keywords from Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Solution - We started by examining probable obstacles to ranking well on search engines and then used those blocks to establish a natural search strategy. We prepared an exhaustive list of keywords and using the keyword effectiveness index (KEI) we measured the relevance of each keyword. By comparing the number of times a particular keyword is searched for, with the number of competing web pages for that keyword, we located the most effective keywords for the SEO campaign. According to the new list of competitive keywords, we restructured the home page and services pages content. Once we effectively employed our rigorous search engine optimization strategy, the site started receiving higher visibility and traffic on search engines.

Together with landing page content optimization, we also restructured and optimized the site improving the design and content to generate visibility, usability and search traffic.

Results - With the improved and search engine optimized site the client boasts 17,191 visits in the month of April in comparison with 8,960 visits in December previous year. Search contributed 82.9% of the total traffic to the site and traffic from natural search increased from 6849 to 14,722 during the period. This increase in search traffic was driven by top 5 rankings in Google and other search engines for competitive keywords like wheels repairs, alloy wheels repairs, alloy wheel reconditioning, wheel repair London. Out of 25 most competitive industry keywords, the website ranked in top 5 for 24 keywords and in top 1 for 12 keywords!

Now Adroitte is assisting the client to redesign the site to increase its stickiness by introducing interactive features, reducing bounce rates and enabling shopping.


Financial Services Industry

Client - The client is a N.Y. based corporate finance boutique. A market leader in raising growth capital for New York State business, its growth capital comes in the form of mezzanine debt, private equity and venture capital.

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Challenges - The client had five main concerns regarding their website:

  • Less traffic from natural search
  • High recurring cost in paid campaigns
  • Not many enquiries
  • Too many non-targeted customers
  • Not in top 20 for vital keywords

Solution - Our team at Adroitte did an initial analysis on the website to understand core issues and root causes better:

  • Traffic Analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Competitor traffic source & keyword analysis
  • PPC cost Vs conversion analysis
  • Navigation & Design study

Based on our detailed study, we found that the site needs activities at different levels and areas. The team decided on a three phase plan which would span four months.

Phase I

  • Keyword selection
  • Rework on content density & navigation on the official site
  • Create blogs
  • Create two keyword based sub-sites

Phase II

  • A/B testing on top landing pages
  • Add articles and content to blog and sub sites
  • Increase backlinks
  • Create social media profiles/pages/groups on popular social media networks
  • Press Releases

Phase III

  • Implement results of A/B testing
  • Newsletter promotions
  • Funnel setup and improved analytics reporting
  • Deep linking between main site, sub sites & blogs
  • RSS feed syndication to 20+ social media sites.
  • Start reworked PPC campaign

Results - Even before the end of third phase, client could see a 21% increase in natural traffic. Paid campaigns had to be completely reworked in terms of geo-locations, keywords, bid cost etc. Once the reworked PPC campaign was launched, there was a 33% reduction on PPC costs. The subsequent months also proved fruitful as the site started ranking in top 20 for 11 of the 15 keywords that were initially chosen to be optimized.

The enquiries on the site started shooting up and we could see a visible difference in the quality of enquiries.

The client was extremely pleased. We continue working with them on PPC, SEO and maintenance. Adroitte also landed with three new projects through their reference.


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