Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

It is a digital era where the online community is burgeoning at a rapid pace. With each overwhelming development the need to standout among possible contenders is becoming more onerous. For a business to flourish, it is essential to have a strong bonding with the targeted audience. And it is also necessary that every possible channel is employed to have a wider reach.

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Importance of Email Marketing Services

One of the most cost-effective approaches, email marketing campaign serves your every business needs with efficiency and effectiveness. Each distinctive marketing campaign reaches the target appropriately, generating greater responses. The most definite advantages in going with Email marketing services are,

  • Brand Awareness-With smart, compelling content and attractive aspects, the possibility of acquiring favorable conversion rates is greater.
  • Target- Through email marketing it is possible to have a greater leverage in targeting only the specific audience group.
  • Accessibility- “The more, the merrier”, with an easy to share feature, the loyal customers can easily market your brand to other potential customers.
  • Analysis- The possible responses and the degree of conversation rates can be easily measured under this marketing strategy. In short, the behavioral analysis of customers is a breeze.

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Innovation has become a part of Adroitte, and with a team of highly dedicated professionals, we promise to be with your ever changing business needs. We support this account because,

  • We focalize your business objective in every single phase
  • We provide the best emailing service with affordable price structure
  • Dedicated team who has passion for innovation
  • Committed towards developing strategic solutions in accordance to the requisites

For every online retailer, it is necessary to retain and develop the relation with every possible customer in order to have a progressive growth.

Email marketing offers you the best possible opportunity to stay connected with your customers, while making then aware about your products, services and discounts.

If you are looking for Email Marketing Services call us on +91 7760487777 or drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Frequently Asked Questions on Email Marketing Services

How can we use email marketing services more effectively?

Email Marketing is regarded as a cost effective channel for reaching a wide audience. The ability to personally address the recipient and leave a message in the inbox offers a high rate of success. Conversion rates in email marketing are around 15% to 18% which effectively offers a good strike rate at considerably lower costs.

How can we optimise email marketing campaigns for best results?

Various measures are necessary to ensure that email marketing campaigns are successful. For instance, emails should not be content heavy, but need to be crisp, while delivering the required information to stimulate interest among recipients. Clear calls to action and a lucid presentation of the benefits from the CTA are necessary to optimize email campaigns.

Will I be able to see who has clicked on the email?

Yes, with read receipt notifications, it is possible to know when recipients click on the emails. This can be used for further follow up to drive conversion rates higher.

Do we have to pay for a new template design for each new email broadcast?

This depends on the terms of service. Clients who opt for a package deal need not pay for additional template designs for email broadcasts, till the upper limit of the templates are breached. Clients who choose the flexible “pay as you go” option will pay for every email broadcast.

Can we monitor the bounce rate of our email marketing campaigns?

Yes, email marketing offers clear statistics on the effectiveness of the campaigns -the number of recipients who clicked on the emails, the number of emails that bounced and wrong email IDs are all part of statistics.


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