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Google Adword is one of the most popular service provided by Google that helps business to be promoted in the huge world of advertising network that Google possess. There are many features to this advertising service but one of the main feature is that people will have to pay for the service based on the number of people that click on their service. There are options to fix the budget that a business can spend on in such tis service.

Adword is solely based on keywords. A lot of research goes into finding the exact keywords that would relate to a particular type of business and the budget required to target that keyword in displaying the ad is then estimated. Since this service is keyword based, keyword research plays a major part in success of failure of these ad campaigns. The cost of the keywords differ based on the competition it has among businesses who are looking at using the particular keyword to display their business on top of the Google rankings. A keyword with high competition will make the cost of running the campaign significantly higher.

Businesses who cannot afford higher budgets to run campaign based on high competitive keywords relay on keyword research to find keywords that have lesser competition but still holds relevant to their business there by helping users using that particular keyword find them. Long tail keywords are preferred by lot of companies with lesser budgets as they have lower competition but can still target people using longer keywords to find a particular business. The success and failure of an ad campaign depend on finding the right balance between the finding the correct keywords and the budget a particular business can afford.

Every keywords carries a cost per click (CPC) bid. Depending on the competition for the keyword CPC bid amount varies, the higher the bid for a particular keyword the higher the business will be ranked on the pages displaying the Google ads. It is always important to focus on the right keyword with the right budget for a business to find effective success with ad campaign.

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