Joomla Website Development

Joomla Website Development

Acclaimed as one the best Content Management Systems, Joomla is in use in a little more than 3.1% of websites globally. Some of the most prestigious names across different spheres of activity rely on Joomla for powering websites – IKEA, Linux, Holiday Inn, and UNRIC among others. Popular for its flexibility in managing content on websites, Joomla facilitates easy access to information on the website, while ensuring that content management is efficient and convenient. At Adroitte, we help businesses create an engaging experience to users with every click, through exceptionally planned and flawlessly executed website designs and development facilitated by Joomla.

Why Adroitte for Website Development in Joomla?

Adroitte has helped businesses leap into a higher trajectory by showcasing products/services/abilities and attracting visitors/prospective clients to sites. With Joomla, we have helped businesses across B2B and B2C domains engage and service clients efficiently, and conveniently. Our expertise in website development combines with the strong technical prowess of our dedicated teams to create business centric, user friendly websites in Joomla. Stand out benefits of Joomla include the following :

  • Interactive plugins make lend greater options for enhancing the quality of websites
  • Open source software benefits from inputs from a large global developer community
  • Facilitates simplified in-house management of all content - text, image, design and templates
  • Allows creation of multilingual websites without the need for third party extensions
  • Easy SEO integration helps websites to rank higher for better business outcomes
  • Supports eCommerce dimension, enabling businesses to sell on websites
  • Helps build highly secure sites, that can be maintained with periodic updates
  • More than 8000 extensions deliver complete flexibility and choice
  • Extremely convenient content publishing options, dispenses with need for coding skills
  • Lightweight PHP framework

Joomla is mobile friendly and this makes it a great choice in the digital era where the most number of searches are launched from mobile devices. The creation of banners, contacts, and news feeds are a breeze with the various components available in Joomla. Plugins help in setting up a redirect and smart search options, which help in greater site management. Installation, updates, and configuration of extensions are uncomplicated and high speed. With Joomla you can check out the status of your database and update sites easily.

As a specialist website designer and developer, Adroitte chooses technologies and platforms that meet the latest requirements of clients. We solve complex business challenges of our clients through solutions that are most suitable. Our well rounded expertise in technologies helps us create dedicated teams for deliverables in different technologies. We offer customization at a level that is intended to help businesses get the most out of chosen platforms and technologies. With full fledged support and maintenance teams, we ensure that business operations are not affected at any point of time. We help businesses maximize results with minimal efforts, through well planned and executed choice of technologies.


FAQs on Joomla Website Development

What are the costs involved in developing Websites in Joomla?

Do you take up Website Development in Joomla?

Our teams have extensive experience in Content Management Systems and are highly skilled in PHP programming. As a result, we possess the required skill set and expertise to offer Joomla Website Development as part of our offerings. Our teams continue to create stunning and powerful websites through Joomla for global businesses.

What kind of maintenance support do you provide in Joomla?

Support and maintenance for Joomla Websites include backup of sites prior to updates, including the all-important requirement of checking if the backup restores fully. We update third party extensions on a monthly basis, undertake change of PHP versions, and manage any third party extensions that are either used or may be required.

What are the core requirements for a Joomla site, and what are the supported databases?

Requirements for Joomla Website include PHP, while supported databases include MySQL, SQL Server. Apache web servers are also supported in the latest version.

What are the third party integrations possible in Joomla Websites?

You can bridge Joomla sites with other applications through REST API. Similarly, Payment gateway integrations are facilitated, and businesses have the option of choosing from a long list of 8000 extensions to integrate in sites.

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