Search Analytics - Digital Marketing

Search Analytics - Digital Marketing

Search Analytics, the assimilation and analysis of search engine statistics, is the key to improving your site’s performance on search engines. Search analytics reports help the website owners understand and correct search related problems. At Adroitte, we use a search analytics strategy that helps the website owners understand their visitors’ search methods.

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The Adroitte Search Analytics

At Adroitte, we developed a search analytics program based on a comprehensive understanding of your brand, your website and your target audience. Our search analytics methods are tailor-made to meet your business requirements. At Adroitte, we offer end-to-end search analytics solutions which include:

  • Search Volume Trends & Analysis
  • Reverse Searching (entering websites to see their keywords)
  • Keyword Monitoring
  • Search Result & Advertisement History
  • Advertisement Spending Statistics
  • Website Comparisons
  • Affiliate Marketing Statistics
  • Search Analytics Report

In order to offer you an effective search analytics solution, we have integrated our analytics methods with a number of other systems:

  • The Search Engine ( to capture search statistics )
  • A Database- to store the data and run reports
  • The Overall Site Tracking System
  • Integration with a "suggestion engine" (to offer specific suggestions for certain search terms)
  • Google Analytics and in-bound web portal search traffic

The Adroitte Advantage!

When you choose to work with us, you gain the service of a professional search analytics company with all the necessary skills and resources to offer you the most accurate search analytics and analytics reports. We have deployed a team of experienced professionals who understand your business goals to work on your projects.

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