SEO Company in Bangalore

SEO Company in Bangalore

Search Engine Optimization Services

Are you searching for a SEO firm in Bangalore. Adroitte is one of the top SEO Company in Bangalore with 10 years of experience. With Search engines driving more than half of online purchases, gaining the best position in search results has become a complex affair. Adroitte’s SEO experts in Bangalore not only positions your site for Maximum Visibility in Search Engines but also provides targeted visitors to pump up your conversion rates and profits.

Our SEO experts in Bangalore have more than 10 years of experience in handling digital marketing services for websites, both small and large, that cater to a variety of audiences. We’ve helped optimize sites for Internet Marketing Services in Bangalore and globally belonging to different sectors, from Automotive and Travel to Banking and Retail.

What makes us Different?

Adroitte, as the best SEO company in Bangalore, gives you a detailed assessment of your website and lays out a clear roadmap of steps that can be taken to help you gain those plum positions in search results. We are adept at handling both Natural Search & Paid Search campaigns and our SEO techniques is based on detailed competitor assessment and clear understanding of search engine patterns and keywords.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services


SEO Copywriting/ Content Writing:

Professional SEO experts at Adroitte incorporate your top keyword phrases smoothly and seamlessly into website content. We ensure that the content is interesting, persuasive, and accomplishes the goal of having the proper keyword density and call to action for better conversions.

On-Page Optimization:

We ensure that all key elements of your landing pages like titles, meta tags, alt tags, images and body text is optimized with targeted and relevant keywords. We help you optimize all levels of pages so that your websites ranks well for a variety of keywords, from the most competitive keywords to the highly converting long tail phrases.

Site Architecture Optimization:

Site Architecture Optimization helps you structure your website for deep linking with well defined hierarchies to increase indexability. We can help websites that have dynamic content and/or shopping carts for e-commerce improve their URL structure by removing special characters (?, &, and =), making it more search and user-friendly.

Site Map Creation and Robots.txt implementation:

Adroitte will help you create txt or xml sitemaps that can help improve indexation and define the hierarchy of your site for users and search engines. We will make certain that the right pages get indexed by blocking out duplicate paths and private information using robots.txt.

Pay Per Click Campaigns :

Our PPC Campaigns help you get maximum returns from the budget allotted by selecting the right keyword phrases and corresponding landing pages. We also conduct ongoing testing and regular monitoring to improve performance. Our Comprehensive PPC program includes:

  • Keyword Selection
  • Landing Page Identification
  • Budget Allotment
  • PPC Account Set Up
  • Bid Management
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Analytics & Reporting

Email marketing:

We will help you create and run email programs that follow best seo company practices and are in line with your site experience.

Search Analytics:

We monitor the performance your search campaigns on a regular basis using tools like Omniture, Google Analytics, Rank checker. Our reports include keyword performance in natural search results, mapping of search engine keywords against their cost and revenue generated, traffic, revenue and conversion metrics and visitor behavior reports.

Our SEO Process

  1. Discuss, learn and understand your business
  2. Extensive keyword research to find the target keywords for your business
  3. Optimize website for your target audience
  4. User interface optimization for better user experience on tablets, mobiles and desktops.
  5. On Page Optimization - Title tags, Header Tags, Meta Descriptions, Content, URL optimization, Robots, Content Plagiarism check, Generate Sitemaps, build landing pages, enhance and enrich content.
  6. Off Page Optimization - Social linking, High Quality link building
  7. Speed Optimization - Ensure the website is faster on all internet bandwidths.
  8. Local Directories - Target local directories and include business to bring in a local presence.
  9. Schema - Implement schema to present better on social media.

SEO Services Company in Bangalore

Adroitte can help you advertise your products or services as an advertising agency by providing you expert online marketing services no mater if you are a B2B or a B2C firm.In India, reviewing products before purchase or purchasing products has increased many foldes in recent years. Almost every smartphone user is well aware of online shopping platforms. From restaurants to shopping, users first check online through search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing or directly on e-commerce platforms before purchasing.

Our seo services in bangalore have helped not just bangalore business owners but has helped increase business potential for various businesses through targeted oganic search traffic.

We at Adroitte being the best seo services company in bangalore will help you drive traffic to website and convert visitors to potential customers and maximize your ROI.

We need to understand that SEO is a step-by-step process and depending on your website and its history, your product awareness and existing customer base, it can take a short period or even years to attain the credibility and growth that you are looking for.


Award Winning SEO Company in Bangalore with Proven Results

Adroitte Search Engine Optimization team optimizes your website so that users spend more time on your website thereby increasing the CTR or click through rate for your website. This helps increase rankings on search engine results.

SEO should help your potential customers find you on search engine results when they enter a search query or a keyword.

We are one of the most experienced top SEO company in Bangalore.

SEO Analysts at Adroitte analyze and create a valuable plan by keyword research, analyzing keyword position, understanding latest search engine algorithms and keeing a watch and staying updated on Google algorithm updates. Staying upto date on search algorithms is vital for a successful SEO team.

We then create a baseline report of where you stand and start optimizing your website. We also analyze what the top ranking websites do and strategize accordingly and eventually reach the top of search engine results.

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SEO Services Company

SEO services not just mean top ranking on search engines. It also includes various other services like email marketing, paid advertising commonly called PPC, website maintenance, website design and reputation management.

Partnering with our best SEO services company in Bangalore Adroitte means, you no longer need to search for another company for any online digital service assistance.

We cover sall online advertising services like search advertising, social media advertising, banner and display advertising and remarketing being the best SEO service providers in Bangalore.

Our SEO Packages

At Adroitte we customize your package based on your business. Each business has its own unique needs and usually there is no SEO package which fits all business. Being a top-rated SEO services company in Bangalore, our SEO consultant Bangalore does a detailed SEO analysis and creates a custom SEO package.

If you are looking for a SEO consultant / SEO service providers in Bangalore, India, you are at the right place.

Offering the best SEO services in Bangalore to a wide range of businesess, we are a leading top digital marketing agency providing SEO services to small, medium and large scale businesses locally and internationally.

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FAQ’s on SEO

Why is SEO important?

I have a small business. Do I need SEO services?

A small business needs SEO services more than a medium, large or a well established business. A small business needs to first reach a wider audience and inform them that they provide a set of services or products with quality and at a great price.

When a prospective customer lands on SME or a startup website, customers need to have a trust and credibility or there are chances they leave the website without being converted. A good seo company understands what is needed and what is not needed on a website, optimizes the website perfectly, makes it user friendly and builds the trust every customer needs.

Reasons why small business needs SEO services

  1. Reach wider audiences
  2. Build brand awareness and trust
  3. Build User-friendly website with trust factor
  4. Showcase USP and stay ahead of competiton

Does my E-commerce website need SEO

Absolutely. An ecommerce website needs SEO as the products that you sell may be sold by a dozen other ecommerce platforms. There will also be similar products like yours from different brands being sold on many e-commerce sites.

SEO for e-commerce websites is much different from a regular website. It requires a different set of on-page and off-page optimization to get found and rank well.

Organic Results Vs Paid Results

When we search on Google, Bing or any popular search engine, the search engine result page SERP provides paid results first and then organic results.

Organic Search Results

  1. These results are displayed at zero costs
  2. These results are based on how well we rank on SEO parameters
  3. The website needs to have great content, constantly updated, search engine optimized and with good backlinks.
  4. When you have a very popular website or a product, its easier to rank on Organic results. If not, you need to build your website over months to achieve a good ranking

Paid Search Results

  1. More you spend, higher you rank. Its that simple
  2. Usually these results are shown with a small (ads) icon to state these are paid ads.
  3. These results can be achieved within a day once you setup a paid account with these search engines, setup ads, link your bank card and get your ads approved.

What are the SEO plans you provide?

No matter the size of business, whether you have just created a website, you are a SME, you are a B2B, B2C or a large Enterprise, we have SEO plans for your business. Over the last 10 years, we have understood that each business needs a customized stratergy to rank and succeeed online. Please feel free to contact us and one of our SEO experts will discuss your SEO requirements and provide you a SEO plan that suits your needs and your budget.

What is the SEO signup process with Adroitte?

SEO signup steps explained in steps:

  1. Discuss your SEO requirements with us
  2. We provide you a customized plan and quote
  3. Once paid, we start keyword research
  4. After keywords researched, we provide a strategic roadmap and provide you complete details of what we would do going forward.
  5. Monthly reports on how we have positively built your traffic for the month.

When can I expect SEO results?

To achieve top SEO results is a gradual process which takes time. Any genuine company will clearly make you understand it takes time and cannot happen immediately.

What affects SEO results:

  1. Brand history
  2. Company reputation online
  3. Size of website
  4. Business category
  5. Keyword competition
  6. Geolocation targets

Depending on the above factors, various SEO plans and activities are decided and implemented which can take a minimum of 3 to 6 months. This minimum time period is vital to establish your brand value, understand your market and reach your target customer base.

In roughly 3 month’s time, you will start noticing growth in traffic and rankings. Over time, you will start getting leads and calls enquiring about your products or services.

What is local SEO optimization?

Local SEO optimization is optimizing a local business for a particular location. Local SEO involves including your business on various business directories and databases pretaining to your geolocation. This helps provide higher rankings on google maps thereby bringing more visitors to your website. Its important that SMEs and startups optimize their website through local SEO.

Steps to local SEO optimization

  • Build a well structured website
  • Ensure good UX and Call to actions are available on your website
  • Submit your website to all search engines
  • Include your website in Google Maps and Bing Maps
  • Include your website on all local directories with complete details of your contact details/products/services

How many phone calls, leads or conversion will I get?

We as a SEO company try to build your traffic by increasing your position on organic search engine results. SEO company implements various online lead generation steps like keyword targeting, content targeting, social targeting. This results in higher search results.

Higher the search result, more chances you start getting found through Google, Bing or Yahoo. When you are found and a visitor lands on your website, they call you. More the search traffic, better phone calls, leads or conversions happen. This is a gradual process but a specific number of phone calls or leads cannot be promised by any genuine SEO company who truly understand how search engines work. We always work with the client and are known to being an important factor in clients business growth.

Will I get SEO performance reports?

Not many SEO companies provide a detailed SEO report. We provide a detailed report end of every month on what was done during the month and how your traffic and conversions have grown compared to the previous month with complete transparency. This helps you understand where you are and where we are heading in the coming weeks. We also let you know our plan for next month.

  1. SEO performance report contains:
  2. Baseline report
  3. Search engine keyword ranking
  4. Month Vs Month comparative report
  5. Site Audit Report
  6. Monthly SEO activity report
  7. Next Month Plan

Should I continue SEO even after I reach top ranking on search results?

With continuous SEO services, you will eventually start ranking well and start getting good number of leads. In fact, we have clients who ask us to stop SEO services for few months as they were unable to handle the number of leads they started receiving. However, with more leads, business owners should concentrate on building their team and growing their business to the next level – from a small business to a medium business or a medium to a large enterprise. To keep staying ahead of competition, its vital to continue SEO practices and strategies. Halting seo services would mean your competitor takes this as an advantage and builds their rankings.

Will I get SEO performance reports?

We are one of the top search engine optimization companies in India providing SEO services for over 10 years nationally and globally. We have successfully helped a wide range of businesses from different countries grow and establish their website for years. We are a SEO team of experienced, qualified and certified professionals. We are client friendly and always approachable. We are always glad to understand, explain and clarify every query you have.

For more information about our SEO Services please feel free to call us on +91 80 41127377 or drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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