Web Analytics

Web Analytics

With over 20 billion websites clamoring for attention, creating a web experience that can hold your users spellbound while staying competitive is a mammoth task. This is where the unique opportunity that the web offers in terms of the range of data that you can collect can come to your aid. A well run Web Analytics program can help you understand where your visitors came from, what they looked at, which paths they used and how they went about their tasks.

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Adroitte’s Web Optimization program works at two levels: 

1. Making the website useful in meeting the needs of the customer, easy to work with and enjoyable
2. Helping the website make the right investments in tools, functionalities and initiatives which lead to sustained operations


What makes us different?

At Adroitte, we have experience working with some of the largest ecommerce and content websites in the world. Our expertise ranges from data collection to complex Test & Target initiatives for commerce and non-commerce websites. Adroitte works to provide you actionable insights by leveraging benchmarks, providing context to achieve operational effectiveness and customer delight.

Our Services

Web Analytics Implementation & Integration: At Adroitte, we create Web Analytics programs that are built based on a thorough understanding of your business, brand and website goals. Our in-house experts will help you define your business requirements and translate them into measurable parameters online.

The team will work to identify ways of collecting, storing and measuring web data. We will help you generate data that is complete, relevant and actionable by ensuring that your applications are set-up effectively, tailored to your requirements and integrated with your goals.

Competitor Analysis: The success of your website depends on your ability to understand and benchmark against the competition by ensuring that you choose the right demographic landscape, create the right designs and set goals that are achievable. Leveraging the best tools in the industry, the team at Adroitte will provide detailed understanding and actionable insights into how you compete with the industry in terms of site optimization, marketing and visibility.

Onsite Analytics: The Onsite Analytics program helps you understand the visitor behavior on your website, visitor expectations, navigation system, on-site search functioning and more. Adroitte helps you “walk in the shoes of your customer” to understand: the optimal paths, navigational tools, and make the right decisions in terms of placement of products, services and content.

Our Onsite Analytics program includes:

  • Online Dashboards & Clickstream Analysis
  • Conversion Walk
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Segmentation Analysis

Off Site Marketing Analytics: A good percentage of the visits to a site come through demand generation vehicles like natural search, paid search, campaigns like banner, emails or social media. This makes it very important to understand and analyze the quality of this traffic, onsite behavior, task completion patterns etc.

The team at Adroitte will help you understand all aspects of your attributed traffic from Data Integration & Channel Attribution to Traffic Effectiveness & ROI. The program will help integrate all your marketing initiatives in offline (TV or Print) into your web programs to measure the true impact of your investments.

Offsite Analytics services include:

  • Demand Generation Dashboards & Analysis
  • ROI Calculations
  • Campaign Budget Management
  • Pathing & Landing Page Effectiveness
  • Offline (TV/Print) Integration

Experimentation & Testing: Listening to your customers, understanding their changing expectations and creating experiences that exceed them is the key to making your website continue to be engaging, efficient and successful. The team at Adroitte will help create testing environments to learn and understand how your customer is interacting with the website, by leveraging best-in-class industry tools in beta and multivariate testing. More importantly the team will help design and generate test ideas that are in-line with your website products, services and goals.

Services include:

  • Test Design & Planning
  • Landing Page Testing
  • Conversion Optimization




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