Improved Conversion Rates

A case study on a financial services company. It included complete online solutions from website designing, website development, branding, email marketing. Internet marketing, website hosting and website maintenance.


The client is a N.Y. based corporate finance boutique. A market leader in raising growth capital for New York State business, its growth capital comes in the form of mezzanine debt, private equity and venture capital.

Overview & Challenge

The client had five main concerns regarding their website:

  • Less search engine traffic from natural search
  • High recurring cost in paid campaigns
  • Not many enquiries
  • Too many non-targeted customers
  • Not ranking in top 20 for vital keywords in Google search results


Our team at Adroitte did an initial analysis on the website to understand core issues and root causes better:

  • Traffic Analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Competitor traffic source & keyword analysis
  • PPC cost Vs conversion analysis
  • Navigation & Design study

Based on our detailed study, we found that the site needs activities at different levels and areas. The team decided on a three phase plan which would span four months.

Phase I
  • Keyword selection
  • Rework on content density & navigation on the official site
  • Create blogs
  • Create two keyword based sub-sites
Phase II
  • A/B testing on top landing pages
  • Add articles and content to blog and sub sites
  • Increase backlinks
  • Create social media profiles/pages/groups on popular social media networks
  • Press Releases
Phase III
  • Implement results of A/B testing
  • Newsletter promotions
  • Funnel setup and improved analytics reporting
  • Deep linking between main site, sub sites & blogs
  • RSS feed syndication to 20+ social media sites.
  • Start reworked PPC campaign


  • 121% increase in natural traffic.
  • 43% reduction on PPC costs.
  • 11 keywords started ranking in top 20.
  • Leads increased by 37%.