SEO Audit Services

Our SEO Audit Services

The goal of our SEO Audit Services is to improve the search engine optimization of your website. Each phase in our streamlined, comprehensive SEO audit service procedure assists you in getting your company in front of searchers who are already looking for what you have to offer.

Basic SEO Audit 

A baseline SEO audit is the first step in our SEO auditing process. Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Ahrefs are some of the tools we employ. Next, we create an extensive and detailed interactive audit of your site's SEO performance based on the data. The research contains data on previous site visitor statistics and the behavior of your site's visitors. We then establish a standard against which you can assess future success.

Audit at the Page Level for the Entire Site

The Page-Level Audit is the next phase in our SEO site examination. Our SEO Analyst will gather data from multiple sources to determine the best next steps for each URL on your site. When the Page-Level Audit is complete, you'll receive all of the Aggregated Data, URL Actions such as 301 Redirects, 410 Targets, Crawl Blocking, and No-Index, as well as a Core Findings Presentation and a proper Consulting Session.

SEO Audit for Advanced Technical SEO

Our Technical SEO Audit is the next stage. This audit consists of automated crawls, a hand-prepared recommendation sheet for SEO variables, and a prioritized review of high-impact modifications presented in developer-friendly language. After the technical site audit, you'll get a Technical Review and Prioritized Implementation Chart of 91 On-Page SEO Factors, as well as several pages of Developer-Friendly Implementation Recommendations.

Keyword Research Ranking

Without excellent keyword research, SEO is impossible. We use a data-driven approach to determine the optimal target keywords for every existing site page. We'll employ various advanced tools throughout this stage of our Auditing Services. Finally, you'll receive a report on how well the keywords you're utilizing on your current pages are doing.

Gap Analysis

Finding the most excellent content to develop moving ahead is the goal of the Keyword Research Gap Analysis. First, we compile a list of all the keywords for which you and your rivals are now ranking. Then we look for the finest keyword prospects to increase traffic to your site in the future.

Recommendations for On-Page SEO

The next step is analyzing your website’s on-page SEO. Again, many individuals are thrilled about this approach since it has the potential for the fastest return on investment.

We generate a comprehensive On-Page SEO report and recommend increasing your website's search engine rankings. The recommendations include updates to the text on sites, meta tags, and schema markup. Finally, we'll provide you with a list of developer-friendly On-Page SEO Recommendations to adopt.

Audit of Content Quality on-Site

The Onsite Content Quality Audit is the final phase in our SEO Audit Services. This method examines your existing blog entries and optimizes the targeting and focus. These changes may significantly impact your site's traffic and conversion rates. We'll also send you a comprehensive Content Audit report at the end.

Why is Adroitte the best choice for SEO Audit Services?

Each customer's SEO success is ensured by Adroitte’s team of SEO specialists who work on the ground with them. We'll start with a free SEO consultation to learn about your company. Then, to outrank the competition and feel sure about partnering with Adroitte, we build our SEO strategies on verified, results-driven topical keywords.

Analytics in Real-Time

The waiting game has come to an end. When you start an SEO campaign with Adroitte, you have access to proper reporting tools to access all SEO data. As a result, you can view current keyword rankings, organic traffic growth, and more at any time.

Campaigns that you can scale

Are you trying to start a business on a shoestring budget? It's no problem. Do you want to put our process to the test before increasing the budget? We are here to help you out. All Adroitte campaigns are set up to allow for smooth scalability. We'll verify our model, and your revenue will skyrocket.

Total Observability

The SEO industry's deception is well-known. So, what makes our SEO firm unique? First, we offer unprecedented transparency into our efforts, from backlink acquisition to on-page optimization, so you can trust us to do the job well.

Why do you need SEO Audit Services?

An SEO audit is analogous to getting an oil change for your car. Regular oil changes, as you may know, are one of the most effective strategies to extend the life of your vehicle. Likewise, an SEO audit examines your website's technical infrastructure, on-page features, and off-page essentials to improve search engine exposure, usability, and conversion. Therefore, one should perform an SEO audit regularly to ensure your website's long-term success.

SEO audits are a necessary part of maintaining your SEO strategy. If your website isn't correctly optimized for search, you're losing out on a lot of traffic from search engines and potential consumers.

You should conduct an SEO audit on your website for several reasons. Here are a few examples:

  • Organic traffic to your website has decreased after a recent redesign, site relocation, consolidation, rebrand, or other significant technical, content, or link-related event.
  • Content duplication is taking place, causing indexation issues or diminishing page authority. This could weaken your site's overall authority, making it less likely that consumers will find your material through search engines.
  • Following Google's Webmaster Guidelines may result in your site devaluing and your content being less visible to users in search results.
  • Outbound (links from your website to other websites), inbound (links from other websites to yours), and internal (links from one page of your site to another) broken links can reduce the trust and authority of your site.
  • Slower page load times irritate visitors, cause search engines to award your site a lower ranking, and are linked to lower conversion rates.
  • Under-indexation issues could be caused by blocked or concealed content. Users are less likely to find your material in search engines if it isn't wholly included in their index.
  • Your site may get bloated due to obsolete content, and you may find yourself ranking for keywords that are no longer vital or relevant to your clients.
  • Your website has developed technical debt (both active and inactive technology). Plugins and other technology can often get in the way of each other, or even worse, search engine bots, browsers, and people.


An SEO audit will provide you with a complete analysis of your website's present health. If your website has significant flaws, your competitors may be able to take advantage of them. Therefore, you have a unique opportunity to optimize your site, learn about your competitors, enhance website performance, acquire more focused traffic, and increase conversions by using the correct SEO methods with SEO auditing from a reputable SEO audit service provider. So, perform an SEO audit on your website to maintain it up to date! .


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