Vouchers & Discounts Website & Mobile Portal Development

A case study on lifestyle and loyalty program services limited company. The support included website design, website development, website hosting, branding and website maintenance.


Our client who deals with loyalty programs for major banks in UAE, promotes deals, special offers, and discounts to loyalty program members to nearby outlets, including restaurants, spas, salons, and various activities.

Why did they Approach Us?

Our client required an excellent deal promotion mobile application. The objective was to develop a highly functional single platform mobile application to highlight the offers from nearby outlets based on the user’s credit card and loyalty program membership. Under each outlet, the address, area, distance, route map, and contact details needed to appear.

Detailed Needs

They required an Android and iOS app with the following list of comprehensive features and functionalities,

  • View and buy vouchers
  • Apply discount coupons
  • Secure payment in app to buy vouchers
  • Share app with friends and family
  • Push notification feature to notify the user of a special offer
  • Geo-location feature for listing deals and offers from nearby outlets.
  • Auto Detect Current Location feature to get the list of nearby outlets.
  • Refresh option to keep the list updated
  • Refer app to friends & family and get loyalty points
  • Registered members to receive a reward voucher
  • Login/Signup to view more customized offers
  • Login/Signup with Facebook or Google
  • Add/manage Offers
  • Add/Manage vouchers
  • Manage App users
  • Manage discount coupons
  • Build upload offers
  • Manage site pages
  • Manage blog posts
  • Option to send push notifications
  • Reports

Some key challenges during mobile application development were,

  • Collecting, uploading, and handling the massive amount of data.
  • Optimizing the speed of mobile application irrespective of data volume.

Mobile App Development - What We Did

Without interactive features, it’s quite challenging to make consumers use a mobile application. From understanding business needs to creating a coherent strategy, we followed a typical mobile development process,

The designing phase defines how the user interacts with the mobile application. The design defines the journey of the user throughout the app. At this level, our UI team started to work on the look and feel of the product.

We prepared an excellent wireframe. The meticulously planned wireframe would succinctly enable the web as well as mobile app development of the deal promotion and loyalty program.

After the wireframe was ready, a high-fidelity prototype was built as it provided the actual look of the final product. The lifestyle clients were on the whole extremely happy with the prototype. At this stage, we also addressed some feedback given from the client-side before sending the product design to the development team.

A good programmer will code without disturbing the look and feel of the product design.

The process started with the development of an elegant frontend and backend prototype. Our team adopted agile methodologies to develop each of the individual elements from the prototype to create a functional and responsive website and mobile application. We designed and developed the banners and CTAs in such a way that the client could easily display their services and good deals of restaurants, spas and other lifestyle centers in a vicinity. We also ensured that the visitors could easily check and avail the vouchers, apply for discount coupons, etc.

By following agile methodologies, we gave clients the actual progress of the project. The clients were extremely pleased with the elegant Android and iOS mobile app that we developed which could be easily downloaded through the Apple Store or Google Playstore.


Our preliminary step towards mobile app development was to define the audience, scope, and function.

Understanding customer personas are very crucial for such projects. Our major focus was around queries like, who is the intended audience? What is the purpose of this mobile application? What are the benefits of using this mobile application?

Once each of these queries was explored and a proper foundation set, we then moved to the design phase of the deal promotion and loyalty program lifestyle website.


By building various test cases, we analyzed the mobile application for possible loopholes and bugs. We tested the mobile application for device compatibility, interface compatibility, and of course performed beta testing.

Beta Testing: The mobile application was tested by real users in the real-time environment. The users were also very happy with the app. They were able to easily find restaurants in a particular location and were very excited about using the mobile app.


Once the product was approved, we launched the mobile application for the end users. It was well received. The clientele were pleased that they could avail of all sorts of good deals and check it on the well-designed mobile app itself. From lunch buffets to brunch near a pool, they were able to find extremely good deals for outings for their dear ones on the lifestyle mobile app that we sincerely developed. Our esteemed client was also extremely satisfied that it was well received.

The official launch of any software product never marks an end because it always involves upgrades and maintenance, which we provide absolutely.



  • Highly functional mobile application.
  • Increased user experience.
  • Excellent client feedback.