Think Beyond, Think Digital: 5 PPC Trends to Look for in 2017

ppc trends for 2017

Chances are that you might have hardly heard about PPC unless you are a professional digital marketer. But, I’m sure anyone would be aware of either SEO or online marketing, and with that, I presume interpreting PPC will not be a big concern.

Understanding PPC and its Benefits

PPC short for pay-per-click is a process where the advertisers pay if their ads are clicked by users. Through PPC, one can easily gain instant traffic for their websites, provided they can afford.

‘In simple words, through adopting PPC, you are paying to get your website a good spot on SERP.’

Advertizing to a small niche audience? Then, PPC is not for you, but if you want the other way round, then, you can definitely expect some miracle.

  • Instant Traffic
    • Unlike regular marketing tactics that provide gradual natural/organic traffic, the PPC advertising offers instant traffic to the website.
  • Online Visibility
    • With instant traffic, a website is sure to receive a top spot in search engines. Online visibility is the most influencing factor in gaining good conversion rates.
  • Maximum ROI
    • The bottom line for every business, every organization is to obtain some measurable profit. Every pain they take is to achieve those numbers that can gain them sufficient success in the digital landscape.

What is the relation between Google Adwords & PPC?

An online advertising service, Google Adwords operate on the pay-per-click model. Users can find such Adwords ad under the sponsored links. Clicking on such ads the users will be directed right to your website.

An important thing to realize is Adwords does not influence SEO, as they can only advocate in drawing a good amount of attention.

Top 5 PPC Trends for 2017

  • Personalized Ads
    • Keywords have always dominated the digital arena, but know it’s time for some change and marketers should look forward to embrace it. Personalized ads, well, it is nothing but a strategic approach that revolves around the demographic information.
    • Show Ads only to the targeted group of customers, there by the chances of gaining sufficient leads are greater.
  • Voice Search
    • Personal digital assistants, yes with customers coming with long queries, the marketers should also thrive to provide informative content with agility.
    • Digital marketers should analyze for common keywords and phrases to give out the best possible answer for the customers. We cannot just say that traditional search practices have lost their eminence, but it is an input about the effectiveness of voice search in PPC campaign.
  • Automation Tools & Scripts
    • It is a common thing we see that man has started to have more trust in machines than his own kind. Marketers by adopting these tools and scripts can bring-in more sophistication and accuracy into their marketing efforts.
    • Here, the script is a document written in JavaScript that provides a programmatic leverage over the PPC campaign.
  • Attend the Mobile Users
    • With mobile audience growing at a lightning speed, the digital marketers should pull up their socks and do something about these ads.
    • May be it’s already in the discussion, but, introducing mobile users with ads, the possibility of gaining a better click rate is definite. Marketers can use different interstitial ad formats for the same.
  • Employing More of the Bing Ads
    • It’s time that digital marketers should see more of this search engine. Bing is getting bigger and better by the year. Bing Ads have started to paint big in the digital market, giving an edge of competition to Google. As a seasoned digital marketer one should make use of the ad scheduling strategies under Bing and bring out the best ad campaign. Also, one of the main factors for which I compel people to go with Bing is the low cost per click on keywords.