Web Design Inspiration: 5 Landing Page Design Practices That You Should Go For

Are we speaking something about landing page? So, what is a landing page? And what is its importance in a website?

The Landing page can be any page on a website, a critical addition that can convert a casual visitor into a potential lead. If you are new to these words, then I will give you good examples to simplify your approach towards the landing page concept.

Suppose you find an ad somewhere and click on it, it takes you to a website that welcomes you with the words such as, sign up now, download this guide, start now, well the list goes on, but I hope you understood something about the landing page.

Does Landing Pages Really Help?

Of course, there is no second thought about it, and with A/B testing option; I will guarantee that your website will have an extreme win-win situation.

Good landing pages allow you tap more opportunities, and will make your online marketing efforts a successful one.

The Best Landing Page Design Practices

  • Match B/W PPC Landing Page & Keywords
    • Yes, one of the most basic requirements, the need for tight relevancy if not maintained, can be a huge back down for that website. You have paid for some ads and have infused some good keywords about your product in that ad, so where you may go wrong?
    • I will tell you, see, suppose a user clicks on that ad and lands on your website to not find that specified product, what will be the reaction you can expect. It is an obvious deduction that they will leave that page and look for other websites.
    • Hence, every time you look for things, check for the relevancy between PPC landing page and the keywords used, it can do miracles.
  • Create content for the Target Personas
    • So what is a target persona? The word seems quite complicated; I’ll say again they are the ideal prospects or customers. The question is why and what to target?
    • Well, as a good business person one should analyze the buying process of their respective customers so that they can proceed according to their requirements. The word persona is not limited to only demographics, but to more emotional aspects of the customers.
  • A Strong, Connecting Headline
    • What you want to convey, it should be straightforward. The first thing your visitors would see is what you have to offer them. And it is your responsibility to make them aware in a short and effective manner. Choose words that are well-connecting and relevant to make them stay for a longer time.
    • And another thing, do not forget to add a subheader that can give more information about your main header.
  • Include Realistic & Interactive Photographs
    • So this means avoid stock images as much as possible. Web designers would least think of the images they use, and with a stock of stock images, they play with whatever is available. But trust me that is, one of the most ignorant steps they can take.
    • A well-optimized image will not only do wonders but promises with better customer retention potential. Images are the key to reach the emotions of visitors and gain their trust unconditionally. A word of advice, double-check that all the images you have used are optimized for every device.
  • Placing the Landing Page Elements
    • If you have heard of the periodic table then you will know how effective the arrangements are. Each and every element is well analyzed before being placed in a particular spot. Create different sections in your landing page and with A/B testing decide the best position for each element.
    • In this section, I will not list the page elements, trust me it is a logic thing that headline takes the first position, rest use the relevant formulas and decide.