What is a landing page and what are its types?

Before moving on to the other aspects let us first enlighten ourselves about a landing page.

‘Call it a PPC, an online advertisement, or a search engine result link, but when a user clicks on an ad or a link and lands on a particular web page, it is known as a landing page.’

What is the Goal/Purpose of a landing page?

A landing page you can say is the focal point for conversion. It creates a defined path for consumers who can view and buy a product in a minimum time-frame.

HomePage Vs Landing Page

I can easily say that these are the most confused pair of words. It’s very necessary to come out of such incorrect assumptions, so let us understand the difference.

  • Website Homepage
    • The initial page or index page, a website homepage gives the initial interaction of a website to the visitor through search engines.
    • On website homepage, people can look for information and navigate through products. Basically, you will find CTA buttons, blogs, about us page, services, and etc on the homepage.
  • Landing Page
    • As explained before, a landing page is designed for one major purpose, the conversion of visitors into leads.
    • A landing page is more effective than a website homepage because,
      • i. It’s non-distractive
      • ii. Designed to support business goals
      • iii. Increases conversion rates
      • iv. Improves paid search campaigns
      • v. Helps in generating accurate data

Different Types of Landing Pages

  • Click Through Landing Page
    • A click through landing page comes with a simple design and gives information about a product. Further it guides the visitor to a page, where the product can be purchased.
    • To give you a better picture about how a landing page may look, I have given few terms that one will usually find on a landing page.
    • Just consider a click through landing page as an intermediary between an Ad and a shopping cart.
  • Lead Capture/Lead Generation Landing Page
    • The main purpose of having a lead capture landing page is to gather the personal data of the visitors.
    • Actually, there is no other go, but to fill out the details. The collected data will be later on used for reaching out the prospective customers about the new products and services.
  • Viral Landing Page
    • Social networks are extensively utilized on a viral landing page. Actually, landing pages as such helps in increasing the brand awareness.
    • People love to be educated and one can find a good number of people on social networking sites. Generally, websites filled with blog posts, videos, and photos are categorized as viral.
    • The process is simple; the users will be compelled to perform actions and will be provided incentives in some forms. It’s a kind of word-of-mouth campaign that encourages more people to perform the action.
  • Mobile Landing Page
    • Mobile devices, yes you can find in many sizes, but have you done anything about targeting the mobile users?
    • The main purpose of mobile landing page is to target that demographic, which uses mobile devices more.
  • HomePage
    • Homepage is truly great for attracting customers, but is definitely not if you want to initiate customers for conversions.
    • A homepage, you can call it a distraction point for consumers. Let’s say you customer has clicked on a product and landed on homepage, what is the probability that a conversion is going to happen? Or the chances that the customer will go through the entire menu to find that desired product?