A Solid Scope Of Work For A Successful Web Development Project

Everybody has expectations, especially when business is concerned. Clients expect the contractor they hire to give work on time in a punctual time, clients also expect contractors to give good quality work in a timely and professional manner. In order for any business transaction to happen smoothly, it is a must for clients and contractors to have a good understanding and this can only happen with a solid scope of work set in place. The following paragraphs will give you a general overview of what a solid scope of work for a successful web development project means and how it can be accomplished.

A solid scope of work can be defined as a timeline and an action plan that is set by both the contractor and client after discussing about the project and their expectations. This action plan, will help the contractor or web development companyget the work done in time and in a professional way. During the initial phase, a few key elements will be discussed such as the budget, the work requirements and layout choices. Timelines will be discussed and negotiations might be made about the budget and deliverables.

The contractor will be asked to complete the project on time and in an apt manner. The client might request the contractor to make the necessary changes to the project after it is submitted, only in case absolutely necessary. The client and contractor will also have an understanding that once the work model is approved by the client, the web development company will begin work based on the information that has been provided.

A solid scope of work clearly directs the goals of the project and helps the contractor create the necessary work. It should be noted that once the work has begun after the project has been accepted and the work model has been approved, the contractor will not accept any additional work for that project. This is very important as, accepting additional work will not only interfere with the timeline of the project but also the discussed budget. Additional work that hasn’t been approved and sanctioned in the solid scope of work can delay projects and the extra work might cause the contractor to ask for an extra amount which while justified, might not be in favour of the client.


Before you start planning an action plan through asolid scope of work, make sure that you have had a look at your competitor’s website, have all the information and you need and are absolutely sure that you want a certain amount of work done in a certain way. Asking for additional work later might be detrimental to the time line and your budget, thus informing the contractor or web development company before-hand will help you get the results you need in a uniform and professional way