How Digital Marketing is Gaining Importance After Lockdown

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The snooze mode enforced by the virus has changed routines in a way that has never been experienced earlier. The sheer scale of the impact has upended business models, turning into a slippery slope for some, while presenting opportunities for others. Regardless of the way the pandemic has affected businesses, a clear narrative has emerged – the unmistakable power of digital marketing. With increasing screen time and near total reliance on digital channels, it has become all the more important for businesses to reshape digital marketing strategies.

How Use of Smart Phones Influence Digital Marketing During Lockdown

The average time spent on smartphones has leapt by as much as 24% from 3.5 hours every day to 4.3 hours. When considered in the context of the total number of users of smartphones, it is not hard to see the impact. Here is how smart business decisions can help companies emerge on top as the curve begins to flatten.

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Take advantage of reduced costs in paid advertising to make early inroads

Shrinking revenues and lesser competition has brought down the costs of paid advertising by as much as 5% in most verticals. This effectively gives your business an option to get better business outcomes at lower costs. The opportunity to make inroads into potential markets by increasing presence on search results will deliver better click through rates. The ability to be present on more page results will give businesses more reach, and at lower costs. This also helps to establish market dominance and consolidate the position of a business.

More time spent on searches translates into in-depth information analysis

With more time on the hands of prospects, the nature of searches have changed. Prospects looking for services/products spend more time looking for information. This makes it necessary for businesses to adopt the right approach and provide all information. Presence on different channels is necessary to strengthen branding and ensure wider reach. In an era where credibility is a critical input in the decision making process, it pays to be visible where it matters the most.

Costs are one of the most important considerations in digital marketing. The outcomes of every dollar invested in marketing determine success and viability. Capturing market is now more critical than ever, and achieving this at lower costs is the need of the hour. The effects of the lockdown have slashed paid marketing costs considerably. It is now the turn of businesses to have the right strategies in place to make the most of low costs and achieve positive business outcomes.

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