How Do Blogs Help In Search Engine Ranking


A way to regularly update your website

Audiences or users look for a frequently updated site; the information is valid and accurate with the ever-evolving business world. Your users will probably lose faith in your website’s content if it fails to provide valid information. But how do you update content on your website 3-4 times a month? If you are talking about changing the webpage contents, it will prove to be a time- consuming business for you.

This is curating blogs targeting new keywords is a way to put updated content on your website.

Let’s target long-tail keywords

Blogging offers you a way to target different kinds of keywords. However, while every website aims to target the most relevant or top keywords, it is not easy to rank using highly competitive keywords.

This is why targeting long-tail keywords, which can also be specific, is a way to rank better on the search engines because they have comparatively lower competition. For instance, if you sell the latest laptops, you might want to show up under laptops or the latest laptops. But unless you are already an industry leader, you will have a hard time ranking in the SERP using these keywords. So, competitive SEO requires long-tail keywords like latest laptops for gaming, low- end gaming, latest laptops at affordable pricing, etc.

These keywords will hardly do well on the product pages because the more appropriate ones will be memory descriptions, GPU details, etc. However, these keywords will do great in blogs where you can target the gaming community and those looking for laptops.

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You can acquire backlinks

Blogging is like creating a chance to use internal linking as an SEO tool. Whether it is Google search engine or Bing search engine, backlinking will help you rank higher than most. In addition, internal linking helps your readers find more related and interesting articles to read and engage.

There aren’t many opportunities to link to your webpages in webpages, but when it comes to blog posts, the opportunities are endless. You can link many related topics to a blog post, and strategically adding them would satisfy the search engines.

Link building, either inbound or internal, is one of the most efficient ways to rank in the SERPs. However, since many websites do not generally leverage this process, you have a high chance of top search engine ranking using the same.

You can demonstrate your expertise

Among many factors that Google looks for while ranking the websites or results are Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (EAT). Having a blog makes it easier to demonstrate all that. In addition, you can choose your topics and write them, which makes it easier to content packed with knowledge that you understand.

By mentioning brands and link building, you can also build authority, and eventually, it will be easier for you to earn trust from Google. This way, you have earned all the EAT factors.


Apart from targeting page ranking, blogging today is one of the ways to share knowledge and new information with the readers. Therefore, understanding the search intent before strategizing articles or blogs goes a long way because it answers and satisfies the readers and, eventually, the SEO.

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