Digital Marketing Trends and Relevance of Datapoint to Businesses

digital marketing and datapoint for businesses

Digital marketing has become a powerful growth engine for businesses in the digital era. The importance of connecting with prospects, and leveraging the power of technology to develop funnels is unmistakable. Statistics are important because that help chalk out strategies to make the most of demands, trends and to address gaps in existing solutions. Here is a look at key digital marketing statistics and the relevance of each datapoint to businesses.

1 – The importance of ranking high on SERPs – The higher the SERP ranking, the better the click through rate. The first five rankings on the first page of search results corner as much as 67% of all clicks. This clearly establishes the need for ranking higher on SERPs. While it may not be practically possible for all businesses to rank in the first page, it is feasible and necessary to rank as high as possible. A business that makes it to the top few pages, enjoys better conversion rates.

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2 – Mobile first – More than 55% percent of all searches were launched from mobile devices. This outlines the need for a mobile first strategy. Location, geo fencing and mobile responsive designs are key to success in an era where mobile dominates search.

3 – The long and short of keywords – Most businesses allocate budgets for SEO, but often end up with less than desired results. Click through rates hinge on the type of keywords, with long tail keywords enjoying a higher rate. Businesses need to refocus efforts on researching the right long tail keywords that need to be a part of high quality content.

4 – Low hanging fruit – Nine out of ten individuals who launch searches for a product or service have not really zeroed in on any specific brand at the time of commencing the search. This levels the playing field for businesses that have high quality products or services at competitive price brands. It is left to the digital marketing prowess of businesses to capture the interest of prospects with the right strategies and implementation.

The number of statistics that are relevant to a brands success are exhaustive, and this clearly spells out the need for professional expertise in handling requirements. A simple case in point is the number of factors that contribute to page ranking – 200.  It therefore makes sense to have the best shot to ensure that a page is ranked high.

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