Expert Tips to Make Your E-commerce Website Sales-Ready

Tips to Make E-commerce Website Sales-Ready

Traffic, leads, conversions, sales – these are absolutely the vital elements that drive a successful e-commerce business. Suppose your e-commerce website is just a digital brochure, it’s time you convert it into a lead-generating web system, a website that is sales-ready.

The term ‘sales-ready’ doesn’t give you much of an explanation, but it definitely tells that if a customer lands on your e-commerce website, he should find everything, every service that would be available for him in a brick-and-mortar store.

The first thing people do when they are out for shopping is checking out the building or the store where they are about to make a purchase. In the online space, your e-commerce website becomes a virtual store for customers. If they find your website professional, modern, then they will stop for a moment to check things. The next thing they look in a shopping building is how the things are accessible to them and of course, they get assistance from sales-person they would not ask for more. The same logic applies to your e-commerce website. As soon as a person lands on your website, he should feel easy navigating around and have some credible assistance to make smart buying decisions and if he doesn’t get that, it will be very few seconds before he switches to some other website.

For him, your e-commerce website is not sales-ready. There are many factors or features that your e-commerce website should be having if you need it to be comprehensive for customer needs. In this blog, I’ll walk you through things that are crucial for creating a customer-friendly e-commerce website.

Follow these Steps and Make your E-commerce Website Sales-Ready

  • First Identify your Ideal Customer
  • You are going to sell something online; you have even decided what you are going to sell, but one thing you should not miss in the process is to know to whom you are selling.
  • The initial step towards making a website sales-ready is learning about your end-user. It is necessary for business owners to find ideal customers and not just customers as the former will be loyal to their brand.
  • The logic here is pretty clear-cut if you know who your target audience is it will be easier for you to understand their pain points. Thereby you can tweak your marketing campaign addressing their issues and doing so you can expect some good influence on your business.
  • An e-commerce website is all about product sale. So unless you are unaware to whom you are going to sell, you cannot push your business any further.
  • Set Goals before you decide the Strategies
  • Set SMART goals for your e-commerce business. The term SMART is broken down like this – Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Time-Related. You cannot blindly say to yourself or your team that within some time you should be making ‘XX’ billions. To say, it’s quite absurd to hear when people say such things.
  • S – Specific – You should be specific in your areas, the numbers, and even the time you are going to give yourself for the task that is being set.
  • M – Measurable – How much? How many? How to know if it’s accomplished? If your goal is measurable then you can ask such questions.
  • A – Attainable –   It means being realistic in your ideas and expectations. You should be pragmatic when setting a goal, for it should not be so high that it will uninspire you.
  • R – Relevant – How does your goal fill the gap between your company’s present condition and the future needs.
  • T – Time-Bound – A goal without a time frame; you will take forever to achieve them. Every goal you set should have a time frame because only then you will witness some progress.
  • Design the Website for your Customers
  • Your website is the first thing customers see. They don’t know or have the time to completely analyze your products and services, so in those few seconds, they will decide whether to stay or move on.
  • A well-thought-out e-commerce-site includes simple, modern web design, easy to understand navigation, quick loading web page, high-quality images and videos, content, a well-optimized landing page, and now pay attention to this, a simple checkout process.
  • Communicate your Brand Values
  • A brand is something that simplifies customers work. They make smart decisions, quick decisions if they feel the brand they are associating with is credible. It doesn’t matter whether your e-commerce business has a global network or is just local, but it is necessary you communicate your brand values to your customers. If are a novice to this concept then you may consider brand as some logo, but actually, it’s more than the external aspects- your customer sees whatever you have put on your website, but it’s not sufficient, you have to make them aware of the internal aspects of your brand.
  • Use your website to communicate your brand values. Let the design and content speak what you want to convey to your customers.
  • Write Unique and Quality Content
  • A website cannot have a sales-person to assist customers when they have to learn about some product, right? The gap is filled with quality content. If you buy equipment in a store, there will be someone who will give you a demo and explain the features and benefits of that product.
  • Add high-quality videos that would do the same. Or write good quality content explaining the features and benefits of that product.
  • Customers can easily make purchasing decisions with such a comprehensive service. Use keywords that would resonate with your service and product, this way you would also improve your search rankings.
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  • Have a Good Social Media Presence
  • In this dynamic digital market, no business will survive without a strong social media presence.
  • In April 2015, Pew Research Center reported that ‘24% of teen in the United States; go online constantly due to the access to SmartPhones.’ And in the recent study, it was forecasted that by 2018 there will be 2.67 billion social network users.
  • Here is the thing; your potential customers will be among those numbers that I’m speaking of. So all you have to do is create a strong online marketing campaign and promote your business on these social media platforms. There are various tactics you should be using because you have to compete with hundreds and millions of websites. Doing so, you will find customers and improve your bottom line.
  • Include Testimonials, Post Customer-Reviews
  • An e-commerce website means we see a lot of products and product pages. For instance, if you visit Amazon website you would find customers rating a product and writing reviews and good or bad, the website has included everything. The benefit is they are expressing their transparency in their business and customers appreciate such gestures and prefer to do more business with such websites.
  • Include Website Elements that Encourage Lead Conversion
  • I’ll keep it short- basically, there are three elements pop-ups, live chat feature, and Calls-to-Action.
  • Each one of these elements until the time your visitor is on your website encourages furthering his journey into the conversion funnel. Suppose a person is leaving the website, a pop-up message reading, ‘Leaving soon?Click here now and get 20% off first order’ content something like this can make him reconsider his action to leave.
  • By improving a visitor’s time spent on a visit the live chat feature improves conversion rate. You can make most of this feature by applying proactive logic to your live chat. So in case a visitor half completes a form or abandons the shopping cart, this feature can be used to remind that customer to complete the action.
  • Mighty CTAs, they are so powerful that having them on every core page of your website guarantees you good conversions. Some of the most common type of CTAs – ‘Add to cart/buy buttons’, ‘Subscription Signups’, ‘Read More’, ‘Social Share Buttons’, and ’information-gathering forms’.

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