How to increase customer interaction on your website?

customer interaction on website

It is a normal one, but still intimidating when an interviewer asks this question, ‘why should we hire you’? Your answer would sure start with because…., right? Now, with the same context, as a customer, if I ask why should I visit your website, how would you start? Customer interaction is very crucial for any website, be it a blog or a business website. To keep it up and running it should have visitors, and of course the numbers should be measurable.

Have you ever analyzed your website’s bounce rate? Are your customers having a positive experience from your website? Customers interact with a website, which they find is simple, informative, and of course easy to use.

If you find your website being deprived of visitors then it’s time for some action. You should take some definitive steps that will encourage customers to interact with your website frequently.

5 Solid ways to increase the customer interaction with your website

    • We have heard people saying ‘I’m an open book’, but trust me you will not get to hear that from your customers. If that was the case, people wouldn’t have issues and every business would have good conversion rate and sale numbers.
      • i. What does your audience like?
      • ii. What do they feel about your products?
    • These are few basic questions, but finding out more about your audience will definitely help.
    • Conduct poll or survey; analyze the factors that are stopping customers from doing business with you. Develop business strategies based on the website surveys and gain better response rates.
    • ‘Content is king’, yes chanting the same will not help nor by stuffing your website like a dictionary. Also, it’s not about just customers you have to please but also search engines. Search engines love a website that is fresh and new, so make sure you have quality content updated regularly on your website.
    • Blog posts, video content, case studies, make them engaging with relevant keywords and images.
    • Push your customers to take action. Buy now, sign-up, or subscribe to email, these words act as a signpost for users guiding them to perform what you wish.
    • CTA buttons should look prominent; so make use of flat designs and co-coordinating colors so that users will find it easy to do the necessary conversions.
    • Oh, I forgot to add few more things, the size of the button, the text used, make sure they are proportional and relevant.
    • The main issue that we are addressing in this blog is ‘interaction with customers’, so make sure you have some medium to do that.
    • Create a platform where you can share your views and exchange few words with your customers.
    • And how will you do that?
    • Of course by including the social media buttons.
    • For instance, let’s say you have a blog, and trust me by adding social share buttons you can definitely increase the readership. The same law applies to every website. Social share buttons provide a network to reach the target audience, so add them to your websites.
    • Do it once, do it right.
    • Don’t get caught in the magical world of website designing. It’s easy to get lost among numerous visual elements, font sizes, and of course fancy techniques, but stay on the ground, stay focused and design for the end users.
    • Engage the audience with a website that is simple, informative, and easy to use.

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