Advanced Conversion Rate Optimization Hacks to Learn

Advanced Conversion Rate Optimization Hacks to Learn

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a systematic way of improving the performance of key performance indicators (KPIs) in a website. Digital marketers utilize various SEO strategies to improve the website conversion rate by making visitors purchase a product, download a brochure, or fill out a form. But how to make customers do that? I mean it’s a simple action and there is no rule in the book that customers every time they visit your website should convert, right? But, that is how you grow your business, make some decent revenue and for which you have to optimize your website’s conversion rate.

A fancy website is of no use if you aren’t able to attract leads and generate revenue.

So, if your goal is to optimize conversion rate, then you have come to the right place. We’ll definitely peek into few smart hacks to do that, but let’s not hurry. First, we will understand a little bit about the word CONVERSION.

What should you know about Conversion?

Generally, it refers to a visitor completing your business goal. The goal can be anything and it greatly differs as per the magnitude you have set.

Conversion is classified into,

i. Micro-conversion:

A conversion funnel is very huge, and micro-conversion is a sign that customers have initiated towards performing macro-conversion and may complete the journey through the conversion funnel.

Users performing micro-conversions include,

  • Reading the post
  • Signing up for the email list
  • Following on social media sites
  • Downloading free resources

ii. Macro-conversion:

Micro-conversion doesn’t directly impact the bottom line, but macro-conversion does.

It involves a customer,

  • Requesting a quote/contacting the organization
  • Purchasing a product or
  • Subscribing to some service

I explained all these stuff to make you realize what you need to do in order to push your customers do every one of these tasks.

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Conversion Rate Optimizations Hacks that you should learn today

Maybe you will find these hacks too simple to mark your success, but this is where people do mistakes. They forget or let’s say neglect tasks, which they presume to be too simple or basic but actually fail to see the long-term influence on their conversion sales funnel.

CRO Hack 1: Use A/B Testing to check what works for you and what does not

There are numerous on-page SEO elements when optimized improves the conversion rate.

Let’s say you want to improvise your landing page. Every element should be placed strategically. And you do that by following hack 1.


Make a list of what you are about to optimize and make sure you perform A/B test for each and every element. Randomly making changes is as similar to firing shots in the dark.

Certain conversion influencing elements that should be focused are,

  • The CTA button – its word length, color, and the position.
  • Form’s length and the number of fields and the types.
  • Images on a product page and landing page.
  • Test the text size or wording of the headline.
  • Product pricing and promotional offers.

CRO Hack 2: Communicate your True Value

If you want to have investors supporting your business, then you should give them a reason for doing so. Nobody likes making a dead investment. It might be in terms of being your customer or the investor. You should show them that you are trustable.

So here are few things you should do,

  • Social Proof –
    • The fan following numbers increases the credibility of your brand. Whether it is a neighborhood bookstore or an online e-commerce store, people prefer following their peer’s advice. So work towards growing a strong social community for your brand.
  • Add Third Party Validation –
    • A block of customer logos can do wonders. Your website visitors will feel at ease when they see prominent brands as your clients.
  • Include Reviews & Testimonials –
    • According to Forrester and Jupiter Research, 77% of customers read reviews before they purchase something online.
    • Also, 88% of consumers say that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. (Source: BrightLocal). So, add as much as you can. The more you add, customer’s trust will increase and they may proceed to do business with you.
    • Coming to testimonials, chose one from your list of clients, who found your products/services the BEST.

CRO Hack 3: Make you Website Responsive

I already told you that I’ll be giving you tips, which you may find very basic. But it’s also a fact that we forget these basic things and pay a very high price in the future.

I don’t have to tell this, but still I feel I should.

Smartphones and tablets are gradually replacing the desktops. So, somewhere if your website is not optimized for mobile phones, it will affect your conversion numbers.

Also, the website loading speed is very crucial. A mobile optimized website is of no use if the loading speed is TOO HIGH.

More than my words, I think statistics would help you understand better,

  • 60% of internet access is mostly through mobile. (inMobi)
  • 40% of internet users will switch from the website if it’s not mobile-friendly. (iAcquire and SurveyMonkey)
  • 67% of users are more likely to make a purchase on a mobile-optimized website over the non-mobile optimized one. (webaholic)

You can find more if you research. But the intention of including these percentage and numbers is to make you realize that responsive technology does influence the conversion numbers.

CRO Hack 4: Believe in Simplicity- Have a Simple Website Design

When a potential customer lands on a website with complicated design, the first thing he’ll do is THINK. Make sure your website is not doing that.

Check CRO hack 1, where I told you about the elements that should go under litmus test. Here you should be careful in choosing the elements for your website.

Add too many and you will be distracting the visitor from being your customer. So, choose wisely before you design your website.

An article by Tommy Walker – ‘Why “Simple” Websites are scientifically better’, clearly highlights the impact of simple website design on conversion rates.

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