Benefits of Online Reputation Management

online reputation management

Today a search engine is everything; any information, people just have to enter the subject and voila they get facts and data in abundance. Customers do business with organizations that have a positive image. In this digital sphere, it takes years to make and maintain a good the reputation, but a minute to ruin it. Such cases, online reputation management becomes very crucial for enabling potential customers to view your business as a trustworthy source.

It’s a highly competitive business world and guess what, people trust search engines and of course the opinion of others.

Irrelevant or negative words can directly affect the sale numbers and revenue. From individuals to businesses, it is very crucial to maintain a positive profile.

What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Online reputation management is a means of promoting positive content about an individual or an organization by the process of identifying and removing the negative information for the same.

Good online reputation = Customer Trust = Better Business

Online Reputation Management: The Numbers you should know

  • Every month there are more than 10.3 billion Google searches.
  • 78% of U.S customers use Google to research about the product they want.
  • 79% of customers trust online reviews.
  • 73% of customers add that they trust a business based on the positive reviews.
  • One star difference in ratings can lead to a 5-9% variation in the ROI.

Sometimes dissatisfied customers or disgruntled employee may give your business a bad make over in the online market. A positive word-of-mouth always helps but not when it is the other way round.

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Perks of Having a Good Online Reputation

    • Your website has a good search ranking, but it doesn’t mean you will have a booming business. Organizations grow only if people do business with them and people do business only if they see good reviews and positive comments.
    • Through maintaining good online reputation you can proactively build a positive image around your business and improve credibility with your customers.
    • Good online reputation will help you reach millions of audience in no time. Investing in reputation management is equivalent to decorating your brand with a good badge. People build brands, which they feel is reputable and trustable.
    • The overall professional upfront and a good online visibility are all that matters. Websites with a great reputation, customers will find them legitimate and worthwhile for doing business.
    • People today look for reviews and feedbacks to do business. Well, the same goes when they want to join an organization. Candidates definitely look for,
      • i. The benefits and perks.
      • ii. The leave policy and etc.
    • Peer reviews play an important role in all these.
    • Managing better digital space will allow organizations to attract a good number of talented resources.
    • At the end of the day, it all boils down to the sale numbers. Conventionally speaking, organizations having solid reputation will have better chances of converting cold visitors to prospective customers.

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