Will Social Media Help your SEO Rankings?

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Digital marketers consider social media as the best ammunition for SEO strategies, why? Also, does Social Media really influence in optimizing SEO rankings?

The Big Trend: What is Social Media?

‘Social media encompasses websites and applications that allow users to interact, share, and learn through the social networks.’

Let’s simplify this jargon-rich explanation, shall we?

What do we get when we break the term social media?

  • Social
    • Generally, what does the word ‘social’ indicate? I mean, what clicks in your mind when you hear or read the word social?
    • Being social is engaging in a healthy conversation with people to share valuable information and acquire knowledge.
  • Media
    • It is the means of communication and in case of digital marketing; the internet is the medium for communication.
    • media
    • Social media doesn’t directly impact the Google ranking factor, but it certainly helps digital marketers in their SEO efforts.

2017 Stats & Facts on Social Media Marketing

  • Currently, there are 2.80 billion global social media users. (source: We Are Social)
  • Soon Facebook will have 2 billion monthly active users. (source: dreamgrow)
  • By 2018, the number of worldwide social media user would grow from 2.1 billion to 2.5 billion. (source: webbiquity)
  • 52% of adults use two or more social media sites (source: Pew Research)
  • 61% of startups utilize social media for marketing their business (source: TNW News)

4 Solid Ways Social Media Benefits SEO

    • Link building is a never ending process. More the links better the visibility.
    • ‘Content is king’, heard it right? But not without external inbound links.
    • What is an inbound link?
    • Also referred as a back link, the inbound link is a hyper-link on a third party website, which points to a particular page on your website.
    • To attract more inbound links make sure that you are armed with high-quality content. With good search engine visibility, more people would share your post on their social platforms giving your website a better flow of inbound links.
    • You are doing a business, but how many of them know that?
    • In a digital market, being proactive means being online, being connective.
    • More the merrier, right? But where to find such a humongous audience?
    • Adopt social media marketing, increase brand awareness, connect with the right audience, and finally see a good climb in the click-through rates.
    • How to organically gain social media followers?
      • i. Interact with your audience via social media accounts.
      • ii. Use live videos and have a creative reach with your target audience.
      • iii. Invite the person who liked your post to like your web page.
      • iv. Keep consistent, keep interacting.
    • Having an insane brand presence in a fortnight is impossible. Work on few basics that search engines look for and enjoy organic traffic for your business.

How to optimize social media posts?

The posts here are not limited to only blogs or articles; it also includes pictures and videos.

  • Create high quality, value-added social media posts.
  • Use semantic markup to make your content more visible to search engines.
  • Create headers that are unique, keyword-rich, and of course simple.
  • Add alt-text to the images.