How Designs Play an Important Part in Marketing Efforts


Marketing a product or service is a lot easier if the product is efficiently created and is attractive to the end users. Marketing a product that neither looks good nor functions well can be an immensely tough task for even a team that is good at what they do. Co-incidentally functionality of a website can be co-related to appearances and vice versa. Listed below are a few reasons and benefits to have a well-designed website for both start-ups and established businesses.

Appeal and Appearance

Marketing a website is only a part of the task, since if the website is not attractive and doesn’t appeal to the demographic population, and then chances are that the website might not be popular.

The right, colours, patterns and responsive web pages can ensure that your website looks good and supports the required Call to Action Buttons. A well-designed website that is appealing not only to look at but also user friendly and a synch to use will help the end users identify with the brand and be more comfortable with the website.

Brand Image and Brand Value

A brand that stands out from the rest often has a website that is attractive, interactive and unique. Dull websites with drab colours rarely are the talk of the town as these websites do not attract users. Your brand image can be adversely affected by a dull website and can be enhanced by choosing a website pattern and template that not only looks good on a computer but also on a mobile screen. Responsive web pages that shrink down proportionately without distorting content or images on mobile screens are always preferred by both companies and users. Consistency is the key to a successful website thus, using patterns and colours that are consistent with your company’s ideologies and depict your values can be an added plus point for your brand.


If you are taking the time and energy to invest your money in a website to promote your brand, then you should either hire a company to create a website from scratch and manage it for you, or you should hire an in-house team to take care of this task. Keep in mind that an in-house team can be expensive to maintain especially with overhead costs such as facilities, meeting rooms and other things. Getting help from a consultant is an easy task especially if a scope of work and an action plan has been decided on. This will ensure that the said work is completed within a timeframe and that the consultant gives you high quality work within your specific budget. A well-designed website with responsive web pages is ideal for you, if you want to captivate your audience and grow your company along with the number of people you cater to.