How Much Does It Cost For A Simple Website Development Process


Anyone who has looked into the pricing of a simple website development or asked about it is aware that it may run anywhere from a few hundred to several hundred thousand dollars or more. This price disparity could be confusing if you don’t have much experience with web app development.

As a professional website development services company, we may compare a website to a car to explain it as simply as possible: we are aware that prices vary widely based on a variety of parameters such as the desired quality, the model, the options, or the size.

Regarding a car, a GPS-equipped and voice-activated all-terrain 4 4 should cost more than a standard model. A similar idea also applies to websites because we pay for the time required to complete the project rather than the actual content. While a straightforward website may be built in 15 hours, a more complex one might take up to 200. Everything will be based on your requirements.

Factors that Affect a simple website development cost

Types of Website

A simple website development process offers a wide range of options. However, the approaches we take when developing an e-commerce website or an application are different from those we take when, for instance, starting a personal blog.

The most common content management system, WordPress, is likely what you need for a project, including a blog. Still, for an e-commerce site, someone with expertise in PrestaShop or Magento will be better able to satisfy your needs. Finally, your organization might require building a custom website due to its business plan. The developer will then have to start from scratch when writing code.


One of the major steps that affects how much it costs to design a website is this one. The developer will create the website per your specifications while maximizing its user experience if you have templates ready. If you want a distinctive design, it might be preferable to engage a web UI/UX designer instead.

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Therefore, the price of your website or mobile app development project will be more than if you choose an already finished, albeit customized, website template. The price of building a website might increase by a factor of two or three when a good design is realized. This includes the cost of domain purchase and more.

Page Fees for Websites

Five hundred separate pages can be found on one website. So it should be no surprise that the price of website creation rises as the number of pages does. Keep in mind that each product on an e-commerce site has its page.

Systems for Integrated Payments

For customers to feel confident making purchases, your website must be safe. Although the payment service provider sets up and manages most security measures, you are still in charge of entering the user’s personal information. Therefore, you either use SSL to encrypt your website or change the URL from HTTP to HTTPS.

User Authentication

The user can register and build a profile on several websites. For instance, this enables information to be personalized based on user preferences or to promote sales. However, to have such a site, it is essential to do several things, like create a database and administration panel, add an SSL certificate, and hire a developer experienced in creating dynamic websites.


Many elements affect the price of developing a website or mobile app, but you also need to budget for upkeep, especially if the website is essential to your business model. The website’s content and appearance should be updated periodically. To know more about the cost of the process, you can contact a reputed web development agency.

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