How to make your boring website awesome?


You mean link worthy? This question means to say that does your website have that wow factor so that people can go after it? And, what is the wow factor that every visitor expects? Are there any proven methodologies? A common question, when people don’t realize the multitude of problems that a boring website might be having.

Rather than a boring website, it would be better if I call it a boring business. Things would strike in a harsher way if people realize that the so-called customers are not interested in their business.

My first advice, one should always focus on understanding the disciplines of their website. To start with, we have (CRO) conversion rate optimization, UX, UI, SEO, content, and much more to list under a resourceful website.

Signs of a Boring Website

What makes you think that your website has become boring? Check out for these signs then.

  • Low/No Traffic
    • It is one of the reasons that you can relate with the second sign easily. First thing, your website is too slow, or the chances your website might have been penalized by Google. And, unless your website has user-friendly elements, the probability of gaining a good amount of web traffic is very less.
  • High Bounce Rate
    • Bounce rate, a Google analytic metric that is a cause of concern for every digital marketer. Suppose the website visitors, rather than continuing in your website, if chooses to move for another website then it is nothing but the bouncing action. Numerous factors play in generating a high bounce rate. For instance, slow loading page, technical error, irrelevant interlinks and much more.
  • Less Number of Returning Visitors
    • When people are not planning to stay more than few seconds, obviously there is no question of returning to your website.

The Website Enhancing Techniques

  • Add Life to Boring Webpages
    • Typically, what can be the most boring pages in your website? It’s obvious there are certain pages, which hardly people love to read. Term page, about us, well every website may face the same response, and to just stand apart think if your website is doing the same?
    • Of course not, unless you add some good animation or show some creativity.
  • Footer Customization
    • Usually, the footer of a website is considered the last place for visitors to call, when they are breezing out of your website. Most of the important information regarding the website will be housed in the footer of a website.
    • To avoid users from neglecting this section, make it more interesting and attractive. For instance, add special offers in the footer, so that they are compelled to take some positive actions.
  • Create a Controversy
    • Not about your products and services of course! And by the way keeping your website in the limelight, can earn your website a good percentage of increased web traffic.
    • Curiosity can kill, but in business, it will help you grow. Curious customers or potential consumer group will definitely give your website the much-needed hype once you create a controversy around your website in social media platforms.
    • A word of advice, make sure that the controversy doesn’t kill the reputation of your website.

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