Run a Green Business

Choosing to run a green business or ‘going green’, offers you a wide range of benefits. Firstly, your company becomes more attractive to an ever-growing, earth conscious customer base. Secondly, operating a green business is good your business’s bottom line because conserving resources and cutting down on waste saves money. Thirdly, it is absolutely critical that everyone takes steps to live a greener life in order to protect our planet Earth.

Running a green business is simple and requires just a few easy changes that need to be incorporated into our workplaces. Listed below are some easy-to-apply ideas for running a green business.

Save Energy and Resources Wherever Possible

Turning off equipment when it’s not being used can reduce the energy consumed by 25 percent. You can save another 50% by turning off the computers at the end of the day.

Installing dual flush toilets and automatic faucets can go a long way in saving water. Also inspect water pipes periodically to ensure that there are no leaks.

Remember the 3 ‘R’s

Remembering to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle can help your office ‘go green’. Set up recycling bins for cans, bottles, paper and plastic and ensure that your employees use them. Rather than throw it away, take computers and printers that have stopped working to a place that can recycle the parts.

You can reduce fax-related paper waste by using a fax-modem that allows documents to be sent directly from a computer, without requiring a printed hard copy. Also encourage communication by e-mail as it saves paper used in printing.

Make it a point to choose a paper supply with maximum available recycled content and choose to print double-sided documents whenever possible to help reduce our fast depleting resources.

Offer Telecommuting Positions

Telecommuting positions are becoming more and more popular with the advent of the Internet. With people being able to work from home and be just as productive as they would be in an office, ‘green companies’ are encouraging more and more employers to choose a telecommuting position.

If telecommuting is not possible provide public transport or encourage staff to travel by train, bus or bike. Also run periodical checks on all company vehicles to make sure that they are energy efficient.

Choose Secondhand or Refurbished Items

By choosing office supplies from used furniture stores and secondhand shops, instead of new ones, fewer trees are destroyed for lumber. Moreover, before purchasing new office furniture, see if your existing office furniture can be refurbished as this works out to be less expensive and better for the environment.

If there is an essential need to buy new furniture, ensure that they are made from renewable sources like bamboo or other recycled materials.

Buy and Use Environmentally Friendly Products

Make a conscious effort to search for ‘greener’ products and services available within the local community. Choose eco-friendly products such as, recycled paper, biodegradable cups, green cleaning products and ‘energy star’ rated appliances.

Also buying local products helps in supporting the local community while reducing mass shipping methods that contribute to greenhouse gases.

Choosing to ‘go green’ is one of the best things a business owner can do to improve overall success as it saves on costs, keeps customers happy and protects the earth.

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