How to Create a Successful Corporate Presentation

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Corporate Presentation is a must when you approach a prospective business or a customer to showcase your services and explain about why you should be the preferred choice. A solid corporate presentation can easily win projects and a lack of professional presentation can lose projects even though you are the best choice available.

Why Companies Need a Strong Corporate Presentation

With companies moving to digital platform, a digital corporate presentation in a PDF format or a PPT is ever more important than a print brochure or presentation.Its easier to send, great to present and can be made readily available on all digital platforms.

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Here are some steps in creating the best corporate presentation.

  1. Reason: Why do you want a presentation? Is it for internal use or to use it for business development.
  2. List USPs:: Be it for internal office use or for a crucial client partnership, USPs are vital for every presentation. Employees always love to know why the company that they work for us special and customers or clients would certainly like to know why they would like to become your customer.
  3. Short & Crisp: Many companies end up creating a presentation which is 50 slides or above. We recently helped rework a presentation for a company which had 137 slides and was a wooping 200 MB. This should be avoided. The presentation should be as short as possible and should load in all the information in brief points.
  4. Branding and Colors: Information should be the focus. Colors and graphics should be subtle and not overtake information which is your key focus.
  5. Pictures / Charts: A picture of your entire team can be more assuring than explaining how great they are in 4 slides. A simple chart to show your growth in statistical data would be self-explanatory in seconds than explaining in points. Use the best medium possible. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.
  6. Interactive: Always make your presentation two sided. Bring in slides or a Q&A where your prospects can ask you their clarifications and concerns.
  7. Go Professional: Corporate Presentation is a showcase of your entire company. Not just a showcase, it also explains your entire history. This is a vital key element in todays business growth. If designing, presentation or content writing is not your expertise, its always advisable to outsource your corporate presentation requirement to a company which provides corporate presentation services.

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