How Do You Measure The Success Of A Digital Marketing Plan


As websites continue to play a more significant role in the consumer experience, the requirement to quantify the success of digital marketing keeps growing. This is a joint responsibility between individuals who offer digital media and business owners and marketers seeking to maximize their return on investment.

We know that “clicks” provide an incomplete view of the impact of digital advertising, as most users do not click on ads for completing a conversion goal but visit a business’s website due to exposure to ads. Therefore, what should we examine? Here are five metrics to help you gain a complete picture of your digital marketing initiatives’ effectiveness.

These 5 Metrics Will Ascertain the Effectiveness or success of your digital marketing plan:

Site-wide traffic

Before incorporating any new components into your marketing activities, establish a baseline. Do you notice an increase in total site traffic due to your campaign? Examining the increase in overall website traffic will provide a better picture than click-through data.

First-Time Visitors vs. Returning Visitors

Depending on the website’s objectives and the consumer’s buying cycle, you may be seeking to increase new or returning users. The goal here should be to find out what is most essential to you at the outset of the campaign and ensure that the campaign is designed to accomplish that aim.

In other words, if you want to attract as many new visitors as possible, watch for a rise in the size of new traffic. However, suppose you discover that the average consumer visits the site numerous times before purchasing in-store or online. In that case, you may want to create a campaign to drive traffic to the site and analyze the percentage of returning visitors.

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More than half of all digital traffic on the internet is generated by mobile devices and mobile apps. As a result of this development, determining the monthly number of users who access your site via mobile devices should be prioritized.

Analyze your mobile traffic stats to determine the percentage of users who access your site via a mobile device. Please note how long they stay on the site and how far they navigate on a mobile device. Finally, compare them to non-mobile traffic to establish whether people are more or less engaged with your site on mobile devices and utilize that information to improve the user experience.

Sources of Traffic

Analyze your traffic sources to ascertain how users arrive at your site. For example, what terms do they employ? Which websites are they accessing? In terms of search traffic, your goal should be to increase visitors that arrive due to branded and specialized keywords that highlight your business’s best parts because they are critical to it.

Average Visit Duration

Analyze the average duration of visits by users on your site to analyze how engaging your content is. Additionally, you can examine the average pages per visit along with this metric to understand the content’s engagement better. The longer they stay and the more pages they view, the more probable they will love your site’s content and experience.

Finally, the importance of each indicator will vary according to the campaign objectives. However, these measurements will all provide additional insight into the effectiveness of your digital marketing. So, always remember these simple points mentioned to ensure that your business is progressing on the right track for its digital presence.

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