What Makes a Good Business Logo


There are numerous companies with exciting and eye-catching logos, chances are that these companies have spent weeks if not month to come up with a final design and have it patented. Logo Design are basically a combination of the Brand Name and a Design that are created using colours, fonts and an artistic touch. While creating logos might appear to be a challenging task, it can be done by following a few logo designing tips that are mentioned below.

Logo Designing Tips #1

Choose a font wisely – Choice is a funny thing, as having too much choice can make discussion making a hard and tedious process.

Before designing a logo make sure that you select only 5 fonts and narrow it down further depending on the outcome. The font should be easily readable, Roman Fonts, Arabic Fonts and other fancy fonts should be avoided for company logos.

Logo Designing Tips #2

Opt for a theme and colour that suits your demographic audience –The colour and theme of your logo should preferably be simple and suit your audience. For instance, if you have a bakery you can choose a theme with bright colours and a logo that is created with a splash of red, green or dark orange. As far as possible, avoid colours that are very light, such as baby pink, light green or lighter shades of yellow as such colours can be hard to comprehend and read.

Logo Designing Tips#3

Hire a consultant or a logo design expert if you need help – If you are pressed for time, resources or simply don’t have professional tools, knowledge and expertise to create a stunning logo then consider hiring a consulting logo design company. This is the best and most effective way to get an affordable logo in a short span of time. Keep in mind that once the logo is created, it will have to be uploaded on to your website and publicized thus a logo design company that is also into web development can do both the tasks for you and with ease.


If you don’t have access to professional tools to create a company logo, then consider hiring an expert who not only has unlimited access to these tools, but who will also brainstorm on your behalf. A good logo design company will create a logo as per your needs and specifications, they might give you input but will only incorporate new ideas in the action plan with your authorization and approval. Hiring a Logo design company is a lot easier than hiring someone in-house especially if you are a start-up enterprise and don’t have the resources for another employee.