Top 4 Graphic Design Trends that will take over 2018

Graphic Design Trends

We are in 2018, has anything changed? Or is there anything new that we have to make ourselves aware of?

Yes, the new Graphic Design trends.

If you wish to give your brand or business a prevailing web presence, then follow these trends.

Graphic Designing & Its Importance for Business

Graphic designing involves the use of artistic and professional disciplines to effectively put across a message. Various design elements like images of varying size, styles, complexities, colors, shades, and etc are used for this purpose. Since every business will have a website, the graphic designing entails the creation of logo, branding, interface graphics, elements, illustrations, and animations for the same.

The Graphic Advantage

  • Build Strong Brand Identity
    • Your logo design is the first thing people look into if they are to develop brand interest. A logo is a visual identity for an organization and its brands. For instance, the Walmart logo is simple and signifies to be eco-friendly and organic.
    • The logo speaks what it has to speak. Whether they truly support the message or not is something different, but the logo shape clearly depicts what had to be told in this case.
  • Captivates Audience Interests & Creates Recall
    • Tell me who cannot remember the iconic brand Apple. An important thing to note is no picture of iPhone or another fancy gadget has been used.
    • At the very first encounter, a good graphic design manages to captivate the interests of the audience and transmits the message that makes them recall your brand.
  • Convey Accurate Information
    • The color combination used in Walmart logo is blue and yellow – it says commitment towards quality and passion.
    • It’s not just the logo. But graphic designing used in developing informative visual or an image will convey information without you having to add words.
  • Develop Strong Customer Trust
    • Be it a design, banner, or a logo, when it connects with the customers, you manage to gain their trust. Whatever may be the design you are creating, if the colors used are logical, meaningful, and communicative, people for sure will develop trust for your business.

The purpose of explaining benefits is simple. Humans don’t follow or do something unless they see some benefit.

Now you have to grab someone’s attention, so what is that you basically do?

You put on the latest trending outfit, get the best makeover and make an impression. Similarly, if you are into graphic designing, you cannot simply follow old traditional practices, but have to go with things that are in vogue.

So clearly the next thing I’ll be explaining to you is key trends that need to be followed in 2018.

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2018 Graphic Design Trends

The Corrupted Image/Glitch Effect

Remember brutalism????

It’s one of the trending web design concepts that focus on purposefully creating an ugly website. Now, this is something similar, except you focus completely on giving a glitch effect or corrupted appearance to the picture.

You see, the glitch effect has been one of the most trending in the recent times. For instance, you don’t back off seeing a horror movie poster, which is usually designed with the same glitch effect. Because, it uplifts the picture and comprehensively captivates the viewer’s focus.
Hence, the caption for the modern graphics designing can be changed from ‘the art of creation’ to ‘the art of destroying’.

You will witness more of breaking, splashing, scratching, and ripping off designs from modern graphic designers, because people just love them.

Back to Color Gradients & ‘Color Channel’ Effects

Maybe finally we are able to come out from understanding the psychology of colors. Not completely, but you can definitely stop being safe with your colors.

A reason to move from plain monotonous shades to a color gradient, Instagram is the best inspiration for the modern graphic designers.
And one more widely popular color culture that is catching up with our hippie graphic designers is the ‘color channel’ effect. A perfect way to uplift the art look of the designs is to use the ‘color channel’ effect.

This method/technique allows graphic designers to create stunning illusion effects like – a holograph, distorted reality, and even hallucination.

Multiple Brand Color Schemes

In 2017, Dropbox decided to update their brand. Their approach was unconventional but successful. They didn’t touch the font size or the graphic of the logo; instead, they completely changed the color palette.
Their rebranding concept focused on using tons of official brand colors and it worked in their favor.

Generally speaking, there is always a certain degree of risk if you are planning to rework a logo. Possibilities are people may reject the new design or may fail to connect with the concept, but Dropbox completely changed the way it embraced the change.

One more recognizable brand, eBay, also added a ton of new colors for rebranding and they have used it across all the parts of their platforms, which made their products look much better. Two great brands setting a perfect example. So it’s time, graphic designers start injecting more colors and give customers a colorful experience.

Use Bold, Handwritten Fonts

Which element catches the attention after the color and design?

Of course, the ‘TEXT’.
I think 2018 will be completely about learning the ‘psychology of typography’.


Because it impacts the mood of the readers and it’s not just that, the more creative the words are greater will be the focus of the reader.

To stand out against the simple monotonous background, the bold, handwritten font is the best possible pick.

Whether it is a web page layout, ads, or motivational quotes, the message will simply standout and reach the audience with a bang.

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