7 Great Free SEO Tools

Statistics show that over 90% of web users’ access websites only through search results. This makes SEO compulsory for all those who wish to increase traffic and improve their rankings. While most webmasters are familiar with free SEO tools like Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Yahoo Site Explorer and Microsoft IIS SEO Toolkit, there are quite a few other free tools that are equally effective and easy to use. Here is a list of 7 great free SEO tools:

  1. Xinu Returns: Xinu Returns is extremely helpful as it gives a quick overview of your web status. It lets you quickly check things like your rating, pagerank, backlinks and indexed pages. Xinu Returns also gives you SEO tips regarding title tags and meta keywords.
  2. Website Grader: Website Grader is a free SEO grading tool that gives you a report of the different aspects of your site, with a final grade out of 100. The grading system helps you spot the different problem areas in your website thus enabling you to overcome obstacles that lie within those specific areas.
  3. YSlow: YSlow, a Firefox only add-on, checks 13 different factors for a web page and generates a final score for your website. It further lists out any modifications that are needed to be made to ensure the highest possible grade. WebSiteOptimization, another free SEO tool, is similar to YSlow but does not require Firefox to be installed.
  4. BrowserShots: BrowserShots is an amazing tool that lets you type in your web address and then choose all of the browsers and OSs that you would like to see your website shown in. You can view how your site looks on Linux, Windows or Mac and in all of the different browsers, including Firefox, IE, Safari, and Opera.
  5. Minify: This SEO tool enables you to take your JavaScript and CSS files and combine them together and remove all unnecessary comments and whitespace. You can reduce your load time effectively by using Minify.
  6. The Reaction Engine: The Reaction Engine tool enables you to analyze the SEO performance of a URL of a given key phrase. You can improve your overall effectiveness by using the variety of useful information and structured recommendations provided by this tool.
  7. Woorank: Woorank, by providing an extensive report on indexed pages, data traffic and information on the site SEO, helps you analyze and implement a successful SEO campaign.