Factors Influencing Google Ranking Algorithm


There are various factors that influence the Google Ranking Algorithm. Some of the factors are discussed below,

On Page Keyword

Keyword in page titles still play an important role in ranking. Relevant keywords depending on the type of business is helpful in ranking a particular page better. But keywords do not have the same impact that they once had in ranking pages. But the significance of keywords in the title and the main paragraph still remains and helps in rankings.

Domain Level Keyword

Domain level keywords are domain that carry the exact keyword related to a particular business. These type of domain had great importance earlier in ranking the pages in the top 10. These days domains with the exact keyword have possibility of ranking on the top but sub domains and partial match do not play any important role in rankings.

Page Level Link

Page level links are the number of links a page has. High quality links play a major role in ranking a page better. Guest posting is still a popular method of gaining backlinks, recently many sites that accept guest blogging, have begun to use nofollow, or an optimized straight URL link.

Page Level Social

Links to pages on Social Media helps in improving the rankings. The more of likes and follows your page receive the better the ranking in the Google Index until pages with much more authority take your rankings back. But pages linked through social media still have better chance of ranking.

Other Page Factors

Factor like page speed is significant only when a web page is extremely slow. Likewise page errors also do not seem to have influence on the factors of ranking unless a site has way too many errors that make it impossible for spiders to even crawl the pages.

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