How to Control your Brand’s Reputation using SEO


SEO, if used correctly, can be a great tool in controlling and determining the success of your brand’s reputation. Maintaining a good brand reputation is essential as it is one thing that cannot be faked over the Internet. With people discussing everything on the web, it has become absolutely necessary for businesses to gain control over their brand’s online reputation.

Listed below are a few helpful tips that can help you towards developing a positive brand reputation.

Embrace Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing is a great way to instantly populate your brand’s SERP with content that is completely controlled by your organization. Creating pages on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can help you gather positive recommendations for your brand from fans and followers.

Use your brand as a keyword: Brand searches can account for more than 40 percent of all organic traffic-especially among consumers who are late in the buying cycle. Therefore, be sure to use your brand name as a keyword on various content pages whenever appropriate.

Promote positive brand representations: Be sure to spot out all positive reviews and recommendations and give it the desired promotion it needs. For example, whenever you find an interesting review of your product or a blog that advocates your services, ensure that you link to it.

Optimize with frequently updated, keyword-rich content: Make sure that you offer basic optimization strategies like optimizing content for brand names and driving inbound links to all your off-domain pages. Creating quality, industry-related content will not only prove that your brand is competent but will also enhance your brand reputation.

Publicize offsite user reviews: Offsite user review sites are extremely helpful in earning consumer trust and improving brand reliability. It is important to keep well-placed buttons that create links to the conversations on web pages, social sites and offline marketing material. Furthermore, setting up the Google Alerts Tool or using other sophisticated tools such as Techrigy or Radian6 can help you locate and link positive conversations about your brand.