How to find a good SEO firm?

Today the goal of every online business is to have a good search engine ranking and improved visibility. Everyone wants to turn their website into a cash cow and we cannot blame them for that of course. But it’s entirely a different fact that things will fall in line only when your complete web marketing strategy is under the care of a good search engine specialist. It’s a desire for every organization to have one, but how to find a good SEO firm?

Did I just ask a million dollar question? Or, did I give some wicked problem that is not easy to solve?

No, it is a way of helping you avoid pitfalls and choose the right SEO firm.

Tips to find a good SEO firm

    • Are they for real? The best way to know that is to get your hands on their portfolio. Ask for references and if possible contact their clients and get feedbacks about their competency.
    • What is their online experience? Or any case study or success story to support their account?
    • Any client website you find, visit it and analyze its performance on the search engines.
    • A doctor you are about to approach should be able to cure himself first.
    • Confused?
    • A question for you, when it comes to organic search, how is your web agency scoring?
    • To be more precise it’s a way of checking the effectiveness of their digital marketing techniques.
    • Is the pricing according to the market?
    • A good SEO company offers both fixed and flexible pricing plans. On the other hand, a bad or make-believe SEO company will charge you by keywords, and on such events, it should be a warning for you about their credibility for a business growth.
    • Go with SEO firms that offer with value based pricing and not cost-plus pricing. As in, any reputable firm will definitely provide desirable results periodically giving your business the best market place.
    • It all stands on the copyright laws and by the way, it’s a common practice for SEO firms to ask for copyrights to SEO and Meta Data, and why do they do that?
    • Of course, to protect their trades and techniques, but it is also a fact that every SEO practice under a successful website will be unique, so even if anyone replicates, the results will not be as desired. Also, people have this misconception that by accessing a website’s Meta data, they can reproduce the same results. Consider this as an SEO tip, rather than having duplicate Meta descriptions it is better to have none at all.

As a professional approach, SEO firms may have you sign a confidential agreement, but again if you are signing some agreement without the rights to your product then it is definitely a bad move on your part.

When do you think it is the right time to invest in an SEO company?

Probably another million dollar question for you? Of course you are bound to think like that, but I will tell you a harsh reality and that will give you the answer.

When you fail to find your website on the first page of Google, it’s a sign that you should approach an SEO company.

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