How to find the best WordPress theme for your website?

wordpress theme for website

WordPress is not just a blogging platform anymore. Web developers around the world are using the WordPress content management system for creating highly functional websites. Now coming to the WordPress themes they come in different forms and help in displaying the website content. Often people get confused while choosing between free WordPress themes and premium WordPress themes.

Premium WordPress Theme Vs Free WordPress Theme

Choose Right. Choose Wisely.

Premium WordPress themes come with advanced customization options and can be easily configured in accordance with the requirements. Also, premium WordPress themes are constantly updated and include latest features for seamless web integration.

On the other hand, we have numerous free themes spawning out there in the WordPress theme directory. Free WordPress themes are not bad, but they give you a limited number of options to build a functional website.

Difference between a theme and a Plugin

The two most commonly confused and misused terms and people still don’t bother mixing up things. So let’s make the things simple for them.

    • The behavior and features of a WordPress website are controlled through a plugin.
    • The presentation of the website content is controlled through a theme.

Tips to find the right WordPress Theme

So, what to look for when you are choosing a WordPress theme for your project?

    • ‘The greatest ideas are simple’, so choose a theme that has simple and clean design. A modern designed theme consists of clean layout, beautiful typography, agreeable color combination, and high-quality images.
    • The WordPress theme should have good visual hierarchy and a good number of page templates and layouts with same design consistency.
    • Responsive WordPress themes are crucial if you want to see your website across different screen sizes and devices.
    • Today, every website should be mobile-ready, so the themes with fixed width layouts will help you in no way.
    • Note: By know you should have understood that responsive technology is not an option anymore.
    • You may have thousands of followers, but not everyone would be using the same browser, isn’t it? After you chose a WordPress theme ask yourself this question, does this theme work on every browser?
    • Use tools and perform compatibility testing and make sure that your WordPress website is working same for all the intended customers.
    • If you feel that your WordPress theme is great, then give the credit to WordPress plugins. Any WordPress theme will not be considered modern unless it supports all the popular WordPress plugins.
    • Plugins make a website more useful by providing a multitude of functions and customizable options.
    • It’s a fact that nobody likes slow-loading, unsecure websites, well not even Google.
    • Your WordPress theme maybe modern and impressive but unless it shows a good page loading performance, everything goes for a toss.
    • The next thing is we are speaking about the security, why?
    • We all know that WordPress is a popular CMS used for developing websites. So with the same obvious reason, it is the most targeted platform by hackers and data thieves.
    • The best way to stay away from a security breach is to utilize the latest version of WordPress theme.