Why SEO & Web Design Go Together

Why SEO & Web Design Go Together

One of the very big mistakes made my businesses today is creating a design which would be very “Cool” rather than a website which is SEO friendly. The website might be very appealing, but if the marketing strategies are not added in the design, then the website would rank low in SEO and in Digital Marketing front. A good design and a good SEO always goes hand in hand. A strong SEO on a good design will always bring in new clients to you without having to do much work.

How Does SEO and Web Design Work in Tandem

Lets now talk of how SEO and DESIGN go hand in hand:

Web Crawlers- How it works:

When a user searches for some information on search engines, these search engines use the web crawler to crawl the internet and provide solutions based on the searches. If your website is well designed and if the crawler believes that the content has high potential helping people find a solution, your website would rank high on search engines. This is more like a win- win situation.

An SEO friendly Website:

While developing a website, it’s always advisable to develop a website which is SEO friendly. People often fail to do this, and once the site is designed and developed they go about fixing to optimize the design to make it SEO friendly and end up paying more money to fix the issues.

What Search Engines Look For:

When a web crawler goes through your website, it read the site through its text. So Internal linking and web pages should be well organized, making it easy for the web crawlers to read the site. Try using “ Google Web Font “, this will make it easy for the search engines to read the website.

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Clear Homepage: Google looks for information like company name, location, or a small testimonial describing the nature of your business. These information can be added in the Home page. It should be easy for search engines to establish the website services and how it could help a user with the right information.

One should also consider Internal Links, this make it easy to navigate for the web crawler . You could add blogs and search tools to your website, which would highlight the other pages in the website to get crawled.

Creating a SEO friendly website will keeping both the search engines and the users happy. This will automatically make you happy too.

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