How Social Media Advertising Helps Boost Engagement With Your Audience

Social media advertising

Social media advertising (SMA) means a paid form of advertising that is run on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. With its highly refined targeting capabilities, it allows you to deliver your message to your ideal buyers at every stage of their purchase cycle.

When your target interacts with your social media posts, in forms of Likes, Shares, Comments, or re-tweets your content, it is known as Audience Engagement.  Social media advertising allows you to connect one-on-one directly with your customer. Engagement lets you capitalize on this connection.

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How to Make Best Use of Social Media Advertising

In the digital world, it is getting increasingly complicated to retain audience attention.  In order to prevent them from scrolling down and keep them engaged, here are some of the things you need to do:

  1. Know your audience: This is the most important element. You need to know about the social sites they frequent the most.  And even before that, you have to understand customers’ needs, desires, problems, etc.. You have to know why your audience is on social media and what they do when they are away from social media. The best way to get that attention (and in turn, get engagement) is to post something they want to see.
  2. Create valuable content: The content you share on social media should be relevant to the audience. Using conversation style, talking about current trends, gives you an instant connection with your audience. Photos & videos area must today. Hashtags help keywords to stand out, and they are great for tracking discussion around a specific topic and connecting with people who are using that particular hashtag.
  3. Ask for a reaction: Sometimes you just have to ask for it. You can get more engagement simply by asking your audience to like, comment, share, give feedback, etc. Goodies and freebies are good encouragement elements here.
  4. Generate excitement: Holding contests will help get new followers and keep the existing ones also engage. Launching a new product or service on social platforms can also generate excitement.
  5. Post often and at the right time: You need to constantly stay in touch with your audience. They like to be kept updated with what’s happening with the brand.

In short, Social media advertising is ineffective without engagement. To engage your audience, you need to entertain them, inspire a reaction, and spark intrigue on a continuous basis.  With an engaged audience, brands can effectively spread the word about campaigns, new initiatives, and new products and services.

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