5 Important Questions to ask Your Website Designer

Important Questions to ask Website Designer

Hiring a web designer is a big thing, it will be a recipe for disaster if you don’t do it right. There are many factors that demand a good focus before you get a web designer to work on your brand. The first thing on the list is to educate yourself about things you should be asking your web designer. This is to make sure that your website has a successful online presence with good functional properties.

Such a stress is necessary because users evaluate a website in a very less time. Your website design is the first point of contact they have and in that very less time-frame, your design has to impress them so they would stick around for longer time.

Here are some of the most common and necessary questions that you should be asking your web designer.

    1. Ask about the Approach towards Usability


    • How do you recognize a novice from a professional?
    • Right? You cannot particularly take an interview, for your job is not about that.
    • Usability is one of the most important elements of a successful website. If your website designer is able to answer how well he can make your website usable for visitors that means he has nailed your question. What experience does a customer get when he is using your website? How easily is a customer able to find the information he wants on your website?
    • According to Usability expert Jakob Nielsen,
    • ‘On the Web, usability is a necessary condition for survival. If a website is difficult to use, people leave. If the homepage fails to clearly state what a company offers and what users can do on the site, people leave.’
    • One thing you should be aware is usability is not just related to visual web design alone and if your resource is able to convey you that, then you should definitely hire him.
    1. Request for Previous Website Design Samples


    • Each website designer works with his own principles. Check the portfolio of your web designer; see how well he has designed each web page. Try accessing websites in various browsers and mobile devices, because today mobility is an integral part of a successful business.
    • One more thing, speaking of the dynamic digital market, today a web designer should also think like a digital marketer. His designs should be compatible with SEO standards and the best way to analyze that is to look into the search ranking of the websites he has designed.
    • Also, check out client testimonials, and it would not hurt if you speak to other clients directly and learn about the competency of your resource.
    1. Learn how their Website Design Practices will impact your Business Growth


    • A website can increase conversions, at the same time topple a business, because people don’t speak to you directly and the only point of contact they have is your website. It’s your online identity, and how it is structured seals your fate.
    • Your web designer should know how the website he’s designing is going to stand out from the rest because only then there will some chance that your business sees some growth. What initiatives will he take? Has he done that before? Will he assist you in creating a channel that will qualify you good leads or simply going to give you an online print card?
    • If you have a little technical background you can straightaway put this question and understand whether his approach is towards the digital audience.
    • Ask whether the site is being coded for responsive design? Tablets and SmartPhones, unless your website is visible across all the devices there is no room for growth.
    1. Inquire about the Extent of Services


    • A website once setup doesn’t guarantee consistent support for your growing business. You have to confirm until what point your web designer will be involved. Your website is your reputation, the changing trends; you have to be constantly with them. Any content needs, service upgrades, interactivity maintenance, it is necessary you keep your website engaged and optimized all the time.
    • A professional web designer will provide a comprehensive service even after the site is made LIVE.
    1. The Number of Revisions Allowed & the Total Cost of the Project


    • Endless revisions no one will allow, but at least some numbers should be there, ask about it. You may or may not like the initial design of your website, so you should have the liberty to ask for variations because you are paying for those remember.
    • Coming to the payment terms, are you required to make an upfront payment or partial payments in key design stages, or only pay after the work has been completed? Whatever the cost structure they are going to put up defines their expertise and experience, so keep an eye on that.
    1. Other Available Services


    • It’s best if you can find digital marketer, content developer, graphic designer, all under the same roof because it will let your website stay consistent in all terms. The success of a website is not defined just by the visual appearance, it’s inclusive of the way a brand is projected in terms of its logo design, the SEO campaigns involved, and much more.
    • Having a team of resources of various specialties working under the same roof will promise better collaboration that will reflect on your website. So as soon as you feel you can hire this web designer, do remember to ask about other services they offer, it will help your business in a greater way.

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