Common Mistakes To Avoid When Designing A Website

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Whether you are building a new website for your business or revamping your old one, if you are planning to work on it yourself, there are some common mistakes that you might commit without even knowing. Designing a website is a task that you cannot take lightly for numerous reasons. In the current digital era, websites play a vital role for businesses and organizations.

According to Siteefy, there are approximately 252,000 websites created every day, with over 200 million active websites in existence. This staggering number reflects the intense competition in the digital market, making it challenging to differentiate your website from the rest. When it comes to website development, there are numerous factors to consider.

From the overall website design and aesthetics to user experience and functionality, several aspects demand attention. However, even seasoned web designers occasionally make simple mistakes that can diminish the effectiveness of a website.

Mistakes to avoid when designing a website

Various web design mistakes can potentially detrimentally affect a website’s user experience, ultimately resulting in reduced traffic and lost revenue. These mistakes include slow page loading times, inadequate mobile responsiveness, unclear navigation, overwhelming content, lack of clear call-to-action (CTA), and multimedia-related issues, among others. Here are a few of the common mistakes:

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  • Poorly Configured Navigation Layout: Neglecting the crucial steps of brainstorming, creating a sitemap, and wireframing serves as the foundation for numerous common web design mistakes. One notable error is the presence of a poorly configured menu and website navigation layout. When a website lacks a proper navigational structure, it can frustrate visitors and deter their engagement, as navigating randomly structured websites becomes a cumbersome task. For websites with a substantial number of pages, it is advisable to group them into categories and organize these categories hierarchically.
  • Insufficient Color Contrast: The issue of color contrast is frequently disregarded when it comes to accessibility, often stemming from companies designing websites based on their brand color palette, which may not prioritize accessible design. The insufficient color contrast between the background and foreground colors on a website can make it challenging for individuals with visual impairments, such as color blindness, to perceive text and icons clearly.
  • Not Prioritizing Accessibility: Overlooking the needs of diverse users with various abilities is a major and common website design mistake. Accessibility considerations such as text size, color contrast, page titles, image alternate text, keyboard navigation, and handling moving or blinking content are crucial. Failing to address these can result in a poor user experience and harm your business.
  • Compromising user experience: In recent years, an increasingly prevalent website design mistake is placing greater emphasis on aesthetics at the expense of functionality. With the internet becoming saturated with an abundance of new media and design trends, striving for excellence has become essential for success. At the same time, this user interface may captivate users visually but often fail to align with the true purpose of a website, leading to a sense of disconnection.
  • Non-Responsive Web Design: Designing different user journeys and roadmaps for various platforms and devices is a significant web design mistake to avoid during website development. The focus should be on maintaining consistency across different devices. Non-responsive design can have negative consequences, including higher maintenance costs and a poor user experience for mobile users. This can result in a high bounce rate, low engagement, and reduced traffic, as mobile-friendly websites rank higher in search results.

In Short! By steering clear of typical website design errors, you can enhance your site’s credibility and provide visitors with an experience that will encourage them to return. Web design is a collaborative effort that necessitates a circular approach, fostering collaboration among teams, stakeholders, and user insights.

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