How Can A Good Website Design Influence Online Sales

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As more and more businesses today rely on their websites for sales or conversion, we come to ask at a point, ‘What is a good website?’. A good website can be anything from having simple navigation to visually appealing, but to be able to drive online sales, a website needs to be optimized.

An optimized website means a mobile-friendly, accessible, conversion-focused design, clean site structure, and easy-to-read website. Here you can leverage a good website design to influence your online sales.

  • By driving traffic

A website with proper and competitive technical SEO will always be good at driving traffic from the searches. Not only will your website have top positions in the SERPs, but it will also be easy to drive organic website traffic. On-page SEO also contributes highly to driving traffic, as meta tags and URLs are some factors that make a target audience click on your web page’s links.

  • By engaging your audience

UX or user experience is a factor that contributes to your ranking, and since Google has announced the same, it has become official. What UX does is make your website more convenient for visitors/users to interact and access your website. From easy user navigation to informative content and a design that doesn’t repel users, engaging your audience is a process that requires careful consideration in every step.

Unless there is something that keeps the interest of your audience, it doesn’t matter what you offer as a service or product because your audience cannot stand your site for longer. Great UX means better engagement, and better engagement means more chances to make a purchase.

  • By optimizing your speed

Imagine a super beautiful site – with sleek typography, great visuals or images, great navigation styles, or it almost looks like a beautiful game. And now imagine the site not performing well and is slow to load even with high internet speed. Websites like this are only good to look at, and when it comes to performance, they disappoint users.

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Fast-loading sites are always more popular than their slow-loading counterparts, which is why fast-loading sites are a must if you want to drive sales. Google PageSpeed Insights will help you check the load time of your page and will also recommend ways to make your website fast.

  • By using CTAs

CTAs(call to action) are like a guide on your website with hundreds of pages and sections. Your audience finds it easier to take action based on what they read on your website when there is a

CTA appropriately added on the webpage. A good CTA is attraction grabbing, which tells your audience to proceed in a certain way.

Sometimes CTAs can be descriptive, asking a user to click so that they are subscribed to their newsletters. Sometimes, you will find CTAs to be short, like Wishlist or Add to bag, especially when exploring products.

CTAs do a good job engaging the audience, but their most appropriate purpose is to guide people to click on them.

  • By using high-resolution visuals

High-quality visuals will go a long way, especially if you have an eCommerce site or B2B website. But even when you don’t have an eCommerce site, visuals are great at keeping your audience engaged. Text alone cannot make audience engagement, especially for those who don’t do well with reading.

Infographics, for example, help the website engage the users and provide them with much- needed guidance and knowledge.


Leveraging your website to increase sales is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways. However, if your website misses out on required factors, it’s time to revamp it before our next product launch.

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