Introduction to the basic concepts of Website Designing

basic concepts of website designing

You might have probably heard people having uncertainty about the concept behind web designing and web development. Confusions as such can be expensive if you are planning to build a website.

As a beginner, you should clearly understand the basics of web designing and the principles on which the whole design part stands.

A brief about Website Designing

Website designing is a process that involves designing the pages of a website. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the three programming languages utilized in front-end development.

What do you feel when you see a well-designed, professional website? Obviously, you will stay for more time and explore the features. But do you know the face behind this beautiful website? If you are curious, then do this.

  • Right click on the black space of a web page.
  • Select/click view page source.
  • A new window will open/tab that shows the HTML code on which the website runs.

A Brief Overview of Programming Languages

  • HTML
    • Abbreviated as Hypertext Markup Language, HTML is used for designing the basic structure of the website.
    • The HTML tags, denoted by open and close tags are used for adding content in each of the web pages. Add headings, create links, special characters, or building tables, well you can perform much more by using these HTML tags.
  • CSS
    • CSS, short for Cascading Style Sheet is a process of adding style to the web documents.
    • Color, spacing, and fonts, all define the style of a web page.
    • It defines each element of a web page to different media types. In simple words, CSS tells the browsers on how to interpret each element.
    • Both HTML and CSS only define on how the content should be displayed in a browser, but for making the web page interactive we need JavaScript.
  • JavaScript
    • JavaScript helps in programming the behavior of web pages. It converts the static content into dynamic one, optimizing the interaction level with the users.
    • Importance of JavaScript
      • i. Performs data validation.
      • ii. Interacts with multiple frames.
      • iii. Customizes the web pages according to the browser.
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The Design Aspect:

What are the factors that come under website designing?

    • High-quality images, engaging content, or whatever you add will not account for unless your website has a good website layout.
    • What makes a web layout good?
      • i. Simple and professional design
      • ii. User-friendly navigation structure
    • In simple words, through designing the page layout you will decide the place for each piece of content, in both above and below the fold defining the perfect visual hierarchy.
    • Every text on your website gives your website visitors a glimpse of your ideas and objectives.
    • i. Macro Typography
    • Macro-typography deals with
      • – Typographic hierarchy.
      • – The dimensions or the format of a web page.
      • – The size, position, and the proportion of columns.
    • ii. Micro Typography
    • The more individual features are focused under micro typography.
      • – Line length, line-height.
      • – The spacing between letters and words.
      • – Typeface selection.
      • – The readability factor and much more.
    • To ensure that the content is having a good influence on the readers, web designers should focus extensively on readability as well as the legibility.
    • What is a great brand?
    • A brand which gives professional upfront to a website by maintaining consistency with the graphic standards accounts for the term great.
    • A good website design starts with a great logo, which is visually cohesive with the brand that customers can easily connect with. But the most neglected/the ignored part of a website designing is the creation of brand identity.
    • Audiences are always attracted towards a website that has an appealing, as well as attractive design and of course, only good graphic design practices help in achieving that. Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, and Adobe InDesign are some of the popular graphics software programs that can be used for the same.

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