3 Easy Tricks for Web Design and Development


To most people who are viewing websites that are fully designed and created, it seems like it’s child’s play to create a fully functional website; but contrary to this popular belief, designing even macro sites takes time, skill and patience. Web design and development isn’t an easy task especially if you are just starting out. Fortunately there are at least a dozen tricks that can help solve your concerns and make your task of creating a website an easy one. Listed below are the top 3 tricks for

designing and developing websites.

Top 3 Tips to Keep in Mind while Designing and Developing Websites

  1. Choose a Web Inspector Wisely – Web inspectors allow you to see the changes of CSS development in real time. This type of tool allows you to easily point out, track and edit any mistakes that are made on the website that is being created. Web inspectors need to be enables in Safari and Mac systems by using the Preferences – advances – show developer menu that is located in the main menu bar.
  2. Use Fire Bug or a Similar Web Inspector – Firefox Developer Tools offers users a unique but helpful web inspector that is known as Fire Bug and this tool allows you to test your site in multiple screens before you go live. What’s more is that you can do all this in one browser tab without having to change your browser’s width.
  3. Clear Lists Often – While using CSS, most web developers clear floating elements as and when they can, but at times it gets tricky to do this. For instance. Some web developers might find it tough to clear floating elements without first setting a height, in this case in this case specifically two properties need to be added to any of the list container with floating elements- display: block; overflow: hidden;. To check if this has worked, all you need to do is check the list container with any one of the many DOM inspectors and on doing so you will realise that the height element has automated been adjusted and applied.


The web design and development tips mentioned above can help you overcome obstacles when you are using programs such as CSS. Using the Sandbox technique to develop new and improved ways to use any kind of application is another way to ensure that you get the results that you need. Remember, a lot of other simple tips such as, every object in each code that you create should have a single and primary function, is another way to prevent problems from occurring later on. If you are in doubt and need additional help while designing and developing websites, then there are a lot of tutorials that can help you get the help you need quickly and for little to no cost.

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