Free Website Builders for Beginners

free website builders

Voilà!! You got an idea, but do have any good medium to present that, like a website? Things will be difficult if you are not in a professional website development job, is that it? Now, if you have any such misconceptions please put it aside. Amateurs or beginners, we have numerous free website builders that will actually help in setting up a professional looking website.

Even though you have a small business, you cannot disregard the importance of having a website. Way back it was considered a trend, but not anymore. May not be a shiny or expensive one, but at the least you should have something as a website for your business. Large organizations may spend dollars to get a website with best professional up front for their business and even you can have something like that without spending a dollar.

An inexpensive way to build websites is to go for these free website builders.

Top 4 Free Website Builders For Beginners

  • WIX
    • As a non-technical entrepreneur, one would definitely find WIX the most suitable tool for building a professional looking HTML5 website. This website builder has an easy to use interface and tons of responsive templates to offer.
    • The easy and convenient Drag n’ drop editor allows adding layouts, text, images, contact forms, and much more to create that perfect website you need. Today, WIX has become a pretty innovative platform, with Artificial intelligence program (Artificial design intelligence); it builds a website automatically complete with latest design trends.
    • If you have any kind of false assumption regarding the compatibility of WIX websites with search engines, then let me clear you one thing, they are Google friendly. The WIX platform allows having custom web page addresses to get the websites easily crawled.
    • Built-in Google Analytics, yes you have that for your every WIX website.
    • Another drag-and-drop website builder, Weebly makes your dead set task of building a website an easy one
    • Focus on what you love, it can be either a simple blog website or an e-commerce website, your wish will be definitely granted under Weebly. More themes to use, you can easily create beautiful websites that will give you a customized storefront along with sufficient freedom to manage inventory and track orders.
    • A platform for beginners, it can be anything, an e-commerce, blog, or one-page website and Squarespace is the ideal option. Squarespace is not just a website builder; it is a hosting service, domain name registrar, and commerce platform.
    • What is this hosting service? Yes, it is a feature that makes Squarespace the most reliable platform for building website. Usually, any platform you take, one has to look for hosting companies to bring their websites online. On the other hand, Squarespace actually hosts all the websites created under its platform.
    • Squarespace feature tons of visual-based templates that are mobile-optimized. Your websites will appear efficiently on a range of screen sizes, giving your business a better chance to witness the conversions from leads to sales.
    • You will get everything you need to create your dream website. From what we have seen, the drag-and-drop option seems to a common feature in most of the website builders. Apart from that, gives a value for your ideas through giving you an access to 1000+ attractive templates that are clean and professional.
    • One of the most user-friendly platforms, allows you setup your own email address (provides email assistance) with your own custom domain name. As an amateur, you will find the association with this website building platform a valuable one. By providing numerous SEO tools, enables your website to have a good online presence on major search engines.

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