Why WordPress or Joomla CMS is best for your Startup Business?

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Do you need advanced coding skills to maintain your website? Not at all, if your website has either WordPress or Joomla content management systems. We have a big competition out there and with a startup business, you cannot afford to take your own time in maintaining your website.

Why Do You Need a Content Management System?

Will you feel good to constantly disturb your web developer to make those minute changes on your website? Maybe not, but still how many times? One small change can definitely make a difference but is it necessary to have someone to do that every time for you? Not necessary, provided you have a content management system.

Any non-technical user can easily manage the workflow of his website through a good, flexible content management system.

WordPress/Joomla, The Benefits Involved

    • Why most of the developers prefer open source CMS over the proprietary CMS?
    • Because they are allowed to modify the source code which is not possible under the proprietary CMS.
    • Edit, copy or even redistribute, the open source platforms are getting bigger and better with each update. WordPress and Joomla are both open source platforms managed by a large community around the globe making them more reliable and flexible.
    • With numerous templates and plugins, web developers will find it easier to build and modify the appearance of websites.
    • If you have a startup business, building a website on either of these platforms will be a good move. Without much effort, you can actually build multi-purpose websites. WordPress is more than a blogging script, the plugins under this platform allow providing the best online experience for web users.
    • Both Joomla and WordPress have a good number of free plugins and templates making them the best choices for developing a highly functional website.
    • What is a platform which does not help you with search engines rankings? It can be either Joomla or WordPress but any website built under these platforms will be affiliated towards search engines giving your brand a good visibility.
    • Having an impressive website is of no use if the search engines fail to have the same perspective. In the end, it is all about how smoothly you can push your website to the first page of search engines.
    • One of the healthy SEO practice is to make your website responsive to numerous screen sizes. Content management systems built with flexible framework gives a solid ground for websites across multiple devices.
    • Mobile optimized websites score better in terms of visibility and ranking factor in search engines. Not only that, business persons can guarantee customers with optimal user-experience.
    • One doesn’t need either a strong technical background or good programming skills to go through this process. A few clicks and you can easily download, install, and configure these content management systems. Actually, it is not even few clicks, for WordPress it requires lesser configuration compared to Joomla.