5 Social Media Tasks you need to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant


The presence of social media is felt by millions around the world. The emerging market of the future has made social media activities harder for global economic players. Once considered some luxury practice, today has become part of the business operations. But one this is clear, business is not only about the marketing tasks. So entrepreneurs cannot dedicate their complete focus on this area unless they have some virtual assistants to do that.

Delegating the tasks is what we do in an organization; every individual will be assigned to something and the work is done. Things do look smooth when we read this, but on the practical side, it is not just about time, we should also see whether our budget can support that? For instance, social media marketing requires a good amount of time to give its results, so again do you have that kind of capital, knowledge or time to implement everything that is required for the market?

If not, then what are the tasks that can be outsourced to virtual assistants?

Which are the 5 Social Media Tasks that need to be outsourced to Virtual Assistants?

    • Blogs actually bring traffic to websites, no doubt in that. But will you leave your core business practices and start managing the blogs? I don’t think it is required nor it is making any sense. But once you have a loyal reader’s base, no one can stop your website from gaining a good search engine ranking. Now, how to deal with this one?
    • If we do the anatomy of a good blog, there will be enough marketing research, content research, and fresh ideas. Find a virtual assistant who can do all this, who is familiar with these norms.
    • One of the simplest tasks, yet more effective; document creation is all about creating a document, link editing, and submission. It is all about dominating the online space so that your brand stands out.
    • YellowDocuments, Scribd, DocStoc, are few websites where you can easily upload the documents. The business promotion is usually done through providing customers with a good amount of information regarding the services and products. Creating documents of these will greatly help your business, not only it is easy but also effective. Outsourcing such marketing tasks is affordable as well as time-saving.
    • A core part of social media platform is managing the PR (personal relations). Personal relation with the audience, with the customers is quite crucial for a business. How customers should think of your brand will be taken care from these professionals. Articles, press releases, statements, and every activity that seeks good media presence are done through expert PR professionals.
    • Any crisis, PR professionals are needed to take those negative spin off your brand. Rather than hiring in-house resources, outsourcing to professional is the best option as they will have root knowledge about every stride they take.
    • Facebook is not only about making friends or sharing pictures and nor is Twitter about following some famous personality. Today, no one needs an explanation on why we need social networking sites for business. And with either of these sites one can have a better insight of their audience, but not unless there is a regular involvement.
    • A lot of activities are to be done, which is actually simple but time-consuming. Pre-scheduling tweets, group management, product launches, and much more.
    • Outsourcing such tasks to virtual assistants is a great way to be along with your audience as well as business operations.
    • One of the most powerful forms of content marketing is an engaging video. One side you have a well-written document about your organization; on the other side a well-documented video, which one do you think will get more views?
    • A video is something that adds emotion and speaks volumes when compared to dry content. It’s a small work which doesn’t ask for a permanent in-house professional. A simple, cost-effective method is to hire a virtual assistant who is an expert in this field and who will guarantee you with the best ROI generating marketing videos.