Top 3 Web Development Techniques For a Better User Experience


There have been various advances in web development techniques and some of these techniques are worth implementing on both new and existing website. Irrespective if you are trying to upgrade your site or create a new site by choosing to hire a web developer, remember to implement at least 2 of the techniques mentioned below so that your customers and clients can have an enhanced user experience.

  1. Call to Action Buttons – Call to action buttons are usually medium to large sized hyperlinked buttons that lead the user to a definitive place. Call to action buttons that are well-placed, allows you to direct the user and his actions on your website in a clear and concise way. Call to action buttons can link a page to either internal or external links. If you choose to hire a web developer to create call to action buttons for your website then ask for references and portfolio samples, if he has used well placed and good sized buttons with proper spacing for past clients, then chances are he is the right person for the task lying ahead.
  2. Responsive Web Templates – One of the best and latest web development techniques is to use responsive web templates as this method will ensure that your user doesn’t have to hurt his eyes while trying to read the content on his smart phone. Responsive web templates when designed well are indeed a piece of art and completed websites can increase your organic searches, reduce conversion rates while getting you higher visibility in search engines through a single set of hypertext links.
  3. Mobile Applications – If you want to give your users an ultimate experience of easy browsing and quick shopping, then opting to hire a web developr to create a mobile website is definitely your path to success. Remember, there are limitless possibilities of creating mobile applications, event discovery apps and e-commerce apps are only two of these possibilities.


The benefits of choosing one of the trending web development techniques mentioned above are that, these techniques although relatively new are tried and tested by businesses worldwide, so the question of going wrong by using these techniques does not arise. Majority of the experienced web development firms in your country and even in foreign countries, are well-versed with using these technologies for other clients thus, asking for samples of past work can help you get a clear idea on the kind of quality you will get by hiring a particular web developer. Remember, if you cannot hire an in-house team to implement these steps for you, then opting for an offshore partner is an affordable yet reliable solution.

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