3 Disadvantages of Content Heavy Mobile Websites


As website owners, we often want our audience to get maximum information that is relevant and accurate by browsing through our websites. Although creating content heavy mobile websites might seem like an amazing idea at the time, in actuality such websites are not the best idea as content heavy websites have various limitations such as the ones mentioned in the paragraphs below.

3 Disadvantages of Creating Content Heavy Mobile Websites

  1. Slow to Load – Websites with an immense amount of content will take a lot of time to load especially on devices that work on slower mobile network data connections. A good solution to this problem is to balance out the content with info graphic images of a maximum of 72 ppi. Another option is to use a template that is conducive to your needs; it should permit you to insert content freely without making the mobile website look congested.
  2. Aspect Ratio Issues – Mobile websites that are not built using responsive web templates will have aspect ratio issues when the website is loaded on a smart phone browser. These websites might work well on certain smartphones and tablets, but might load in a funny way on certain devices. The ideal step to be taken in this situation is to create responsive mobile websites using a simple yet effective responsive web template.
  3. Disinterest Readers due to Practical Usability Problems – Mobile websites that distort or have practical usability issues such as improperly placed call to action buttons are less likely to be viewed by users more than once. Content heavy mobile websites that are not built on responsive templates will cause your readers to have difficulty in reading the content and might also cause the call to action buttons or links to work imperfectly. Using responsive templates is the only solution for this problem.
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Remember, not all mobile sites are built on responsive templates, but they can definitely be adapted and changed by altering the existing template to create the selected mobile websites more effectively. Both standard and customized templates can be used to design business websites to give readers an ultimate user experience while they browse through your website. If you want to create content heavy mobile websites, then consider switching to responsive web templates to design your website. Responsive mobile websites enable users to view the mobile site on a variety of devices without the aspect ratio of the images, content and overall view of the site being adversely affected. If you need to create responsive mobile websites but do not know how, then contact a web development company who create one for you.

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